Are horoscopes actually true?

Like the ones you read in magazines or on the internet… are they actually true and somethings happened to someone exactly like exactly what the horoscope said in the magazine/internet


Of course not wouldn’t everyone one win the lottery etc if they were true. Life would be boring as you would live the same life as everyone under your star sign.


Scientists have been quite baffled by the popularity of astrology during the 20th Century, and dozens of careful studies have been carried out to see if there is any actual correlation between the positions of the planets at an individual’s birth, and any attribute of the individual in later life. NO statistically valid study has ever shown ANY connection, relation or correlation that would give ANY support to ANY part of astrology. There is no scientific question, there is no scientific controversy, concerning astrology — it definitely does NOT work.

buddha – the irony is you dismiss all of the scientific evidence staring you in the face

NO you can read two horoscopes for the same star sign on the same day and they can both say something completely different.

If they are read from the right sources then they can be really useful and reliable. The daily horoscopes in the newspaper are often unreliable.

Yes, absolutely,

i read my horoscopes once and it said i would go on a journey and meet someone.

AMAZINGLY, that day, i went to work ( journey, ooohh, spookey )

and met some people ( work mates, customers ) you just couldn’t make this stuff up.

Im considering giving all my money to a psyhic who said that she spoke to someone on the other side who knew me, whose name began with D ( like dad ) and suggested that D wasn’t happy about somthing.

I have to give her ANOTHER thousand pounds for her to tell me more about D.

Money well spent!!

What you have to remember is that it is all about spiritual connections with present astrology, placements of suns, stars and planets.

It is believed these effect our mood, however most readings tend to be so broad it is difficult to say whether it is true. After all think of the millions of people that are Aries, Geminis, Taurus….they have to try and do it to apply to alot of them.

To an extent the planets only affect you. Doesn’t necessarily mean you are the way it says but it def has some truth

it’s completely generic nonsense that’s so vague it makes people think, &quot:oh, that sounds just like me&quot: when it’s just mumbo jumbo.

aquarius – &quot:you will breathe in and out a lot today, so buy a lottery ticket&quot:.

read what itaysha said. that’s a perfect example

&quot:don’t fight today, you will get in trouble.&quot:

you got suspended. the hell did you think was gonna happen? they were gonna let it go because it wasnt in your horoscope? people mistake common sense for astrology.


Nope, theyre just a bit of fun, the chances of them coming true for a minority of whatever star sign are just coincidence!!

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