Am I the only gay guy out there who has more straight guy friends than straight girl friends?

Doesn’t everyone say how girls love gay guys etc etc.? Why is it that very few girls out there (if ever) want to be friends with me/talk to me? But tons of guys, gay and straight, want to know/befriend me?

I’m really feminine btw, both in my looks and in my built. I’m not bitchy. But girls never seem to want to talk to me. Guys, however, will talk to me about the weather, etc. etc.

Am I an anomaly?

no, maybe the girls are just the bitchy ones, or theyre religious
i personally (somehow) can befriend anyone, gay straight, muslim christian, jew, atheist, pothead, metalhead, rivethead ( i would be really surprised if anybody knew what a rivethead is) or whatever. i know em all
but u probly just know a lotta bitchy girls. or their jealous of you 🙂

most of my friends are gay guys or straight girls.. but i also have a couple of straight male friends. i’m not feminine.

I guess you are an anomaly in the sense that generally i notice that feminine gay guys tend to only have female friends.. but maybe thats just a stereotype i’ve fallen for.

With the girls, the sexual ingredient does not come into play in the friendships with gay adult men — and this takes a huge volume of stress off of not in basic terms the gay adult men however the girls folk besides — the girls folk nonetheless get the excellent factor approximately &quot:a guy’s view&quot: on issues, however the possibility of intercourse messing up the friendship isn’t present. gay adult men look to have multiple male acquaintances because of the fact they are associating with different gay (or bi) buys for help and solace. you incredibly could look at those friendship webs although: not each and every of the adult men are close acquaintances: maximum are in all probability informal acquaintances or perhaps acquantances who seem to get alongside nicely jointly.

No, I have a close circle of 5 straight guys friends. We’ve been friends forever. They love coming to my house and watching football. They can scratch their balls and no one comments, swear at the TV when a bad call is made and no one says &quot:Honey, watch it, the kids are listening&quot: and so on and so forth. And we drink beer and eat junk, none of that healthy stuff, and pee with the door open. No one cares. They could never do that at home.

And I’m not feminine at all either. But it wouldn’t matter to these guys. To them I’m just Reef.

i don’t really know … maybe u should try approaching them instead of having them approach u? when i read the title of ur questoinn, i thought that maybe uwere extremely masculine, and that was probably why u had lots of straight guys friends… but u said that u r actually feminine… i would say this is a first i heard… but… i think it’s best to have good male friends who respect u and like u for who u r, than have no friends at all… i’m pretty sure u will find plenty of girls who would like to be ur friend, maybe u just have to show more interest in getting to know them than expect that they show interest in u…but either way… let me tell u that i think that u r lucky for having straight guy friens who accept u for who u r

Nope, not by a long shot. But you have some misnomers about what gay men &quot:should&quot: be like. Not all gay men live in a Will and Grace style sitcom (not all gay men are b!tchy), and gay men fall across the entire spectrum when it comes to gender expression — like any group of people.

It’s unusual, but I’ve seen it before. Have you fallen in love at any of them yet? That could throw you for a pretty good loop.

No honey…..I am girl..I can be your friend ..Sure..I would love to……
I love hanging out with gays..They are so understanding and it’s really good to be around them…..
They are hot too…

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