3 1/2 yr old girl still pees bed almost everynight..?

Shes been off diapers since 3, but we always put her in nighttime pull up until after christmas when she was 3 1/2. Well its been just 3 weeks and she wakes up wet atleast 5 out of 7 days.

What i do: Limit her drink to one glass at dinner and nothing after unless a small drink of water, wake her up once if not twice a night to pee..
I sometimes wake her up twice a night and she still pees the bed..

Now the new problem i am facing is hubby admitted to me that he peed the bed until 9 years old. OMG does my child possible have the gross habit passed on from dad????

I’ve had similar experiences with my now 4 1/2 year old daughter. After potty training we used pull ups and for about 3 months she was dry, but then all of the sudden she would pee in the bed almost every night. I took her to the doctor and they checked her for any type of infection that would cause loss of bladder control, but there was nothing. They said it was normal because her bladder probably wasn’t large enough yet. We did the same things that you are doing. No water, go to bathroom before bed, we woke her up at least twice during the night and took her to the bathroom. We tried to make sure that she was warm, because every time she was not under her blanket she seemed to pee the bed. We had to wash sheets and blankets so much, but after she got used to no pull ups they were too uncomfortable for her to go back to and she felt ashamed. She didn’t want to go back to pull ups when her twin brother was in big boy underwear. So we just got up and got up often to get her out of her soiled clothes and linens as quickly as possible. Over time she got better and I’m happy to say that bed wetting is a thing of the past. We just upgraded to twin beds because we wanted to make sure that we didn’t buy new mattresses etc. until she grew out of her bed wetting.
I really don’t have any advice other than take her to the pediatrician to ensure there isn’t some type of bladder infection because that will cause her to lose bladder control, but it would also cause daytime accidents. Make sure her room is warm at night. Just remember that it is not her fault, it is not your fault it is just the way it is right now. It won’t be forever and she will grow out of it. Believe me I know how you are feeling. I would cry because I felt like there should have been something I could have done to help her, but it turned out that once I accepted it and just took it one day at a time that she grew out of it shortly thereafter. Good luck and stay strong for you and your daughter.

Calm down. There is nothing wrong with your child. Put a pull up on her. My daughter is three, and she still wears a pull up at night. Some times it’s dry in the morning, and sometimes it’s not. I stop giving her liquid an hour before bed time. Every child is different, it may take her a little longer to grow out of it. If you are that concerned talk to your doctor at her psychical. She should see the doctor at 31/2 yrs for a well child check. But, if she is able to wear panties during the day and does well, there is nothing wrong with her bladder, or any other medical condition. She simply is having hard time at night. It will get better. Be patient! Good Luck!!1

Do not think that this is a gross habit, it could be a medical condition. She does not mean to do it. I’d talk with her doctor about it because if her dad did it, then she probably will to. Her doctor may be able to put her on medication to help. Keep putting her in a pull up every night until she stays dry. My cousin wore a pull up at night until the age of 8. They just don’t wake up sometimes. I’d limit her to drinking 2 hours before bed. Let her only have a drink, not a whole glass.

Yes it is a possibility your daughter can wet the bed for a while, I was a bed wetter past age 15 and wore disposable diapers every night until i was dry for a month. I have a 4 yr old that wets the bed and since I know its runs in the family I have him in pampers size 7 diapers at night. Its not as bad as it seems and if you use a diaper at night, its better for the child and the bedding. I would not get too riled up about it, put a diaper on her and forget about it, she is asleep so she wont know what she is wearing and it protects the bedding. I was in them for a very long time and I can tell you its better to wake up in a wet diaper than wet pajamas and bedding.

1: the habit isn’t gross… 2:sometimes the bladder takes a little longer to grow than the rest of the child. don’t let her have anything to drink after dinner. that helped my roomie to stop her daughter from wetting the bed. try your best not to get upset at the little girl for wetting the bed in the middle of the night. my man has a 4yr old that is still in dippers because she wets the bed still and sometimes when she gets up its more than just pee. my roomies 6yr old still has some nights where she wets the bed. it just may take some time for the bladder to catch up. pull ups and plastic sheets to go over the matrices are always a good idea.

Your tot is still potty trained. The issue isn’t so much potty training as it is nighttime control, or enuresis. Is it possible for him to have a urinary tract infection or other issue that is causing this? Absolutely, it surely is: but this doesn’t mean there is either. Has he had any fever? Any nightmares? Ask him if anything is bothering him? You can always discuss this with his pediatrician, too: but baring any acute medical issues, I wouldn’t be worried about it much. At three, this is considered normal. Just get him some Pull-Ups type diapers and teach him to don, doff, and dispose of them. If his sheets are wet, help him to change them and bring them to the washer for laundering: but make sure he is involved. The diapers and laundry tasks are not punishment, btw. This is only teaching responsibility for taking care of oneself. A good life lesson at that. If he continues to do so past six or seven years old, you may wish to chat with his pediatrician some more: but until then just let it ride with no stress. Cheers!

If a parent wets the bed then there is 70% chance that the child will also. I did until the age of 12, but I talked with my doctor a lot and was put on medications. that help. Do not ever shout at her she cannot help that she is a heavy sleeper and do not try the beepers they are crap.

Keep in mind that a child’s bladder doesn’t fully develop until the age of 8. She’s still young and night time potty training usually takes longer than daytime training anyway. Just keep pullups handy until you no longer need them. When she does wake up dry, make sure you acknoledge it and praise her but don’t scold if she wakes up wet, just clean her up and go on with your day. Good luck! 🙂

yes it can be passed from father to son, and it’s not a gross habit. It just can’t be helped. If it really freaks you out, then use diapers at night. But it will be very important to your child if you keep a cool head and don’t embarrass her, nor call it a gross habit.

Night time dryness for young children takes awhile just put a diaper or pull up on her at night.
Some children have problems till they are older
she cold also be really tired out from being sick.

she might seem older but she is only 3!

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