Which NHL team(s) has/have the nicest, classiest fans?

In other words, which teams don’t have a lot of fans that do awful things, including any of the following:

1) Verbally harassing fans of the visiting team often throughout the game.
2) Giving the middle finger and/or using other obscene gestures.
3) Using profanity at referees, linesmen, visiting team players &amp: fans, etc.
4) Throwing things at referees, linesmen, visiting team players &amp: fans, etc.
5) Vandalizing other fan’s cars in any way.

BQ: Can you think of anything else that is completely uncalled for? List it.

Hawks fans have the most class and the most tightest knit group among all fan-bases In hockey so chicago in football with the bears and hockey with the hawks being overlooked class means everything all the mean people will be sorry when they win championships.

Chicago is a city where fans and Its people are nice and have class go beyond wrigley field and the lakefront and watch a game Involving the bears and blackhawks and the ballet as well.

Leafs fans are generally great, minus that whole waffle thing.
I love Oilers fans, well the one’s in Toronto at least haha I haven’t met any from Edmonton but they’re really fun 🙂


In my travels I’d say Chicago has some of the most obnoxious fans (Detroit Red Wing fan here).

That said – the nicest/friendly/polite…Again just my opinion: Nashville, and St.Louis.

Montreal Canadiens or Ottawa Senators.
Very Confident and passionate, happy fans.
Montreal Fans are everywhere, even on road games, their pretty much everywhere. I love them and their fans, I really respect them

Penguins fans. You don’t have to worry about getting the crap beat out of you or your car getting vandalized when you come here, unlike when you go to Philadelphia.

Every franchise is going to have good/bad, classy/unclassy fans. That being said, I have always respected Canucks fans.

Instead of blowing smoke up my own ***, I’ll will say all the teams have the worst fans and the best fans.

The NHL had over 700 fights last year. Naturally it will attract mostly creeps in the stands. Never enough blood for the filth in hockey stands

edmonton oiler fans. montreal has the rudest fans. BQ boing carey price.

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