Is a 1 year old white german shepherd dog good around babies and family members when adopted at that age?thnx?

I am thinking about getting this one year old white german shepherd from the human society. She had been lost and no one had claimed her so they put her up for adoption. she seems a bit skinny but one of the vet techs told me thats becasue probably she hadn’t eatin in a while when she had been lost wondering around. When i met her one on one she was very jumpy and hyper one of the ladies said thats because they don’t give it much excercise. She was very friendly and when i had a treat in my hand i told her to sit and she did. also she licked me my hands and face alot. she seemed to be trained dog. I have never owned a dog but i really want one. I have a baby sister (one year old) will the WGS be good around her and the rest of my family. I probably will keep this dog in my garage or in the back yard for a while before letting it in the house. i used to be scared of dogs but when i met this WGS i like connected to it i wasn’t scared of it at all. is this one year old WGS okay to have.tx

My two white shepherds are wonderful with kids (one I got at 8 weeks and one at 14 months). However, all dogs have the potential to be dangerous. Ask if you can take the dog for a walk. See if she settles after being outside of a shelter situation. Maybe the exercise will show what she truly is like. Bring the baby to meet the dog and see how it goes. None of us can see the dog so we can’t tell you if she’ll be safe around your sister or not.

Also, if she doesn’t put on weight with proper nutrition, it could be EPI. It is unfortunately not an uncommon thing in shepherds.

Oh, check her ear and her inner thighs for a tattoo. Alot of the breeders I know tattoo their dogs, usually in the ear but sometimes on the inner thigh. Some shelters don’t know to look for that. If you find a tattoo, contact me through this site and I’ll see I can help you find the breeder. Maybe you could get some information on her family that way. It’s a long shot but it can’t hurt to try.

It depends on the dog, not the breed. Saying &quot:So and so breed is great with kids!&quot: is rather stupid as it’s how you train the dog, not the breed. They might let you foster it for a bit. Bring it home and see how the family likes the dog and how the dog does around the family then you can either finalize the adoption or (If it doesn’t work out) take the dog back. Dogs can be diffrent when they actutally get home so be aware the trainned dog you see might be a mess when you get it home. (Not to discourage you as I think it’s WONDERFUL you are adopting as should more people. They can make -amazing- pets.) However you must realise, the dogs been cooped up in a cage for god knows how long. The dogs going to come to your house and be wowed by it! Meaning the dogs probably going to be hyper and might accidentally be destructive the first few days until all the energy is run out of the dog and everything calms down. 😛 Dogs arnt stupid and with a little trainning can be the perfect family pet. 🙂 Kongs are good to give dogs when you just want them to settle down and keep them occupied. Get a Kong, stuff it with yummies and give it to the dog. It’ll spend hours licking out all the goodness. This is really good when the family is watching TV. Give the dog a Kong on the floor and pet the dog every now and then. This will help everyone bond. 🙂 Though if it’s an active pup he might want you to toss it a bit. Lol! Just make sure to give the dog lots of exercise and I’m sure you’ll be happy about the desicion to adopt. 😀

Congrats for going to the humane society for your dog. Sounds like a beautiful animal. But, as with any animal don’t leave him alone with young ones. Dogs can be wonderful but little ones don’t know that it hurts the dog to pull their tail or ears or to poke their eyes, et cetera. Never leave them unsupervised. Both will adapt with a little understanding and time.

Animals are not always on their best behavior when in shelters with all the strange noises and smells and people coming and going. He’s going to need time to adapt to new surroundings when you take him home. He’s still pretty much a pup and will do fine with kindness, security, lots of love and attention with frequent praise, rewards and goodies. Good luck and enjoy your new friend.

This depends on the temperament of the Shepherd.If she is friendly toward adults they usually are toward children.I would be very cautious though and take it very slow until she is familiar with the little ones.Until you are sure that she can be trusted you may consider a muzzle while she is around the children. It takes about 15 days before a dog
becomes familiar with a new owner and it’s surroundings.so don’t expect too much too soon.

Sounds like a dog worth trying! Be a bit careful with the baby sister, mostly because this dog is full of energy, and may knock her over.

Consider bringing her to the shelter with you, to see how the dog reacts, before adopting the dog, as well.

I would talk to the shelter about your concerns also I agree with taking your little sister to the shelter to see how the dog reacts. If it is already trained and react nice with her I think it would be fine to adopt this WGS. GOOD LUCK

That’s too general of a question.. Are white german shepherds good with kids?? Has it been socialized around kids? Has it been teased by kids? Has it every in it’s life seen a kid?? Take the kid to the shelter and see.. You have to be VERY honest with the shelter so they can make sure you are getting the right dog for your situation.

Well, the rule is never leave ANY dog alone with a youngster, EVER. I am concerned that this dog may not have had the best socialization if a rescue. Just never let the two interact unsupervised, and you should be OK

I have owned german shepards all my life, i think they are great dogs but it depends on the dog itself. they are smart and learn easily, but you never know! if she was licking you and she wasnt affraid of you then i would say you got a great catch. german sheppard are wonderful!

i got attacked by 2 german shepards. so no.

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