Honda accord or Toyota camry?

White Honda accord 2010 or white Toyota camry 2011?

I would prefer the Toyota Camry.

Toyota Camry. Looks better, handles better, is lighter, best acceleration a lot more organized dash layout. Test drive both and go from there. They are two of the most reliable cars on the road. You will not be disappointed with either one, but my choice would be the Camry, especially if you go with the 3.5 V6. 268hp in a Camry and close to 30mpg? Nothing to sneeze at. The Accord is rated at 270hp, so if you’ll have either with the V6, you shouldn’t have many problems taking those Impalas apart, and get better mileage in the process.

in my opinion i think there both japanese cars but in terms of buying i would surely go with the toyota camry 2011 because first of all toyotas have more luxury and safety features compared to honda and most of the time Honda’s have a lot of rusting on exterior of the cars.


Accord has made Car &amp: Driver’s Top 10 Best Cars list for 24 years!!!!!!!

Camry? 1.

Go with the 2011 Accord (yes, they are out now).

Neither, you are comparing unreliable junque to unreliable junque so flip a coin. They are both going to make you learn where every mechanic in town lives and unless you want to be branded as BORING don’t get either since they are both famous for being BORING cars.
Get American or European for quality and safety, Japanese cars are pretty crappy for the most part.

Both sound like fart cannons instead of cool if modified also.

Toyota also has a 40% recall of all cars built since 1998.

hondas are definately more roomy and more comfortable than toyotas, if thats important to you. id get a different color though, something with a little personality 🙂

both are junk.

your going to die in whatever one you choose.

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