Spiritually Speakingв„ў Christians could you be friends with someone who is Pagan?

I have a friend who was a born again Christian many years ago and recently has begun to go down that path again. We were recently talking and he noticed a Buddha in my office and asked me why I would want to spend eternity in hell for a false idol. This started a large debate … in which I tried to explain why I believe in what I believe in … the talk go no where …

Though we still talk every other word out of his mouth these days is about the Lord and how I need to change my ways … I told him that he needs to keep his beliefs to himself and I will keep mine to myself …but he still continues …

I really like the guy, we’ve been through a lot of tough times together, but I can’t go through this every time we interact … I really don’t want to write the guy out of my life …

Has anyone else had to deal with this ?

I had a very close friend whose husband was a strict Christian and when she told him I was Pagan, he said I was evil…and she told me everything he said in detail. She would tell him just about every private bit of information she would inadvertently find out about me when she visited and then come back to me and tell me how lost and doomed he thought I was.

So, I asked her to stop sharing personal things about me with her husband…but she didn’t. Even though I dearly loved her, I realized that she was not a good friend to me and I ended the friendship.

It might be time for you to set the same type of boundary with your friend. You just need to be very direct. Make it clear that you do not want him to bring up religion EVER again.

If he does it anyway, then he has shown you just how much he respects your feelings and your right to set boundaries in your friendship. At that point, it might be time to consider ending the friendship.

Thanks to Yahoo Answers, I now have a friend who is a pagan.
I’ve learned alot about the other side by befriending this person.

I am a born again Christian &amp: I try to be very careful with who I let into my heart as a friend. This person has not influenced me in such a way as to make me change my beliefs at all.

I love this person dearly &amp: minister to them every now and then. I also share my love for the Lord with them.

We even argue from time to time about the faith…….and there have been times when I wanted to reach through the computer and strangle them but……..we still remain the best of friends.

Most of my christian friends are &quot:true christians&quot: so don’t really judge, or push their beliefs on anyone.

My father on the other hand, although not &quot:born again&quot: act very much as you describe.

We speak about once every five years, which is fine with me.

i’m a christian and i have had friends of many faiths, and no faith. i can’t have friends around me that are constantly mocking or down-talking my faith in God, but i’m willing to have people who disagree. the way i deal with it is, i talk about it a few times as i get to know people. once they know what i’m about, i don’t need to bug them: i just leave it at that and they know if they ever want to talk, i’m open. that’s what your christian friend should be doing. but try to bear in mind he cares about you so much that he’s willing to sound like an idiot to tell you the truth. he’s just being too aggressive.

Why not? My husband’s best friend is Agnostic, and I love him like a brother. We’re Christian, but we don’t discuss religion. He knows he can ask us about anything. Otherwise, the subject doesn’t come up. (Same with my father-in-law, who is Jewish.)

Once you’ve expressed your beliefs (non-beliefs) to your friend, he shouldn’t be pressing the issue with you. He should respect your decision and move on.

I am agnostic. Most of my friends are open minded Christians… They respect me and most of them dont believe in the fundamental hell nonsense.. So yes, depending on their open mindedness we can get along very well!

He’s making a choice and telling you (by his actions) what is more important to him. He’s insistent on not accepting you as you are.
So, now you choose whether or not that’s acceptable in a friend.

I have dealt with similar situations.

Just tell him that the Bible says every man must work out his own salvation with fear and trembling, that you are glad he has found the path for himself and ask him to please change the subject. God bless.

Sure. This guy needs to understand that you have heard what he has to say, and it needs to be left alone instead of continuing to harass you about it.

A real Christian should be tolerant to your religious views, other wise he is judging you which isn’t his place.

I – as a Christian – can be friends with anyone, whether they are saved or lost……………Would I try to witness to them about the Lord? Yes………..but I wouldn’t end the relationship if my friend rejected my Saviour……………….

God Bless……………….

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