Republicans who are giving Obama grief for the OIL spill CAUSED BY BP:?

Which of the following is worse:

A. Obama happens to be president during the oil spill caused by BP’s carelessness.

B. Your republicans blocking Obama’s legislation requiring BP to compensate all those businesses harmed by the spill, calling it a Slush fund and another bailout. AND not one of your party members openly disagreeing with Rush Limbaugh who SUPPORTS BP (You guys are so terrified of him it’s, pathetic.) AND supporting the offshore drilling which led to this mess in the first place.

You were saying?

Republicans? Obama should be given grief over his lack of action! Besides, the GOP can’t stop anything. If the progressives choose to do something they have enough votes to pass it without the GOP.

Stop blaming the republicans &amp: Bush for Obama’s screw-ups!

The Obama administration let BP off on normal safety procedure.
The Obama administration refused to implement the existing federal response plan.
The Obama administration rejected offers of Dutch skimmers.
The Obama administration rejected Louisiana’s request to create temporary sand barriers.

Racists like you will support this man regardless of what he does.

So.. uh.. You were saying?

Wow, first Rush has no power to do anything so no threat. Second Obama waited how long before he decided maybe he should respond???? And Obama’s ‘compensation’ from BP goes to him instead of directly to the people it should go to. Tell me that doesn’t send up any flags? Rush isn’t our president nor are we afraid of him, the president yes.

Oh you just forgot to mention that Obama will not lift the Jones Act so that non union boats from other countries could help in the clean up, Bush lifted it during katrina but Obama is in so deep with the unions that he seems to care more about their feelings then the clean up itself.

Also what about the liberal enviormentalist and democrats who would not let B.P drill close to shore. The pipe would have been [plugged by divers but instaed restrictions cause them to drill in the middle of the ocean. we can get to space but not that deep without robots. so wake up and realize it is both sides and all politicians and the governmnet who ***** up everything

I’m for obama and his federal agencies getting out of the way and allowing all the resources to be utilized, including the Taiwanese skimmer ship. (But he refuses to). Don’t hold up any more attempts to resolve this situation. The U.S. can worry about the legalities after this is accomplished instead of dictatorially taking over the company.

I am not sure I understand, can you name the specific legislation that Obama proposed to hold BP accountable and the bill number that the Republicans held up.

And some links would be nice.

Hey Sparky , This ain`t no Republican ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWR7Kt-HQ44 Plus + It was your boy Obama and &quot:his&quot: MMS safety organization that gave the Deep Water Horizon a &quot:SAFETY AWARD&quot: last year , and gave the rig a passing grade a few weeks before the explosion ??

I believe you miss their point.

They want BP held accountable, through rule of law, not Presidential fiat.

President Obama does not have the right to do this and I hope BP challenges his right to do so in court.

He certainly is trying to deny them that opportunity.
And I’m a democrat. I believe in judicial process and rights for EVERYONE, including BP.

So should every democrat.

I’m not an Obama fan but to blame him for the oil spill is ridiculous.Truth is whoever was President would be blamed.Next time the CEO from BP sets foot in the U.S. I’d put his butt in prison until it’s all cleaned up.

Im independant. I saw the left blame Bush for Katrina…. and now the Right is blaming Obama for BP.

So, what you are basically doing is whats called payback.

When in reality, neither were to blame.

NOW if you are talking about how things were handled… I would say Obama did far worse in response time to a disaster. 50+ Days to Bush’s 4 days is quite a difference

C Obama got MILLIONS from BP and is their pet fully OWNED…Obama was the one that gave the go ahead to drill this rig and has hampered cleanup….try REALITY and try USING your brain instead of SPEWING the DNC LIES

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