Would the Keystone XL pipeline be in the best interest of The United States?

I don’t think it is. The pipeline is meant to go through the United States to export oil to China. The oil will not be sold in the US, and plus just my opinion I think it’s really disrespectful to the US, If Canada want to sell oil to china fine build the pipe in your damn country why build your pipeline here in American (No Offence Canadians)

The primary beneficiaries would be the Koch brothers. Like you said, it’s not for the benefit of the American people. It will be refined here prior to being exported so the pollution will stay here, and it won’t have any effect on fuel prices here! But it will make a lot of money for a few people.

What? It’s not possible had a rational debate on the merits of something when you make up complete nonsense.

The Keystone XL pipeline would have gone from Hardisty, Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska. It is designed to take oil from Canada to the United States for refining into gasoline and other fuels. The United States does not have any facilities to export oil to China from Nebraska. Hint… look at a map… Nebraska landlocked and thousands of miles in the wrong direction.

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines will run from Bruderheim, Alberta, to Kitimat, British Columbia where oil tanker facilities are being constructed. Planning for that pipeline started before the Keystone XL pipeline. The two pipelines were approved by Canada long before the US turned down the Keystone pipeline, they carry different grades of oil (and Gateway also carries natural gas), and anyone with a map can see that Kitimat is on the ocean and Nebraska isn’t. Gateway was to be built whether or not Americans want to refine Canadian oil into gasoline.

It’s fine opposing something for economic, environmental, or other reasons. However, blaming Canadians for wanting to build a pipeline from Alberta to Nebraska in order to sell oil to China, especially when it has already approved another pipeline to a Canadian port city, clearly puts you beyond the realm of rational debate.

Yea instead all the oil and LNG is transported by Warren Buffets RR. Buffett went to BO and said if you say no to the Pipeline I will be a spokesperson to raise taxes on the rich. BO took the deal. I bet he approves it in 2years. He can’t cripple the economy forever. It will make us energy independent and not have to get it from countries that want us dead.

it is mostly to benefit the owners of the refineries in Texas that will ship refined oil to others. It’s not about Canada, but rather EXXON(Known as Syncrude/ESSO in Canada) shipping from the tar sands to EXXON in the USA.

There is little the USA can do if EXXON want to sell to China for more money than it can sell inside the USA. you have to love capitalism.

Don’t forget FOX said it was creating a million high paying JOBS 🙂

We could also build steam-powered computers and switch from paper to chalk and slate.

It is so wrong to invest money and destroy the environment just to build 19th century technology.

It would make more sense to hire a few thousand workers to clean up streams and keep an eye on polluters: 1) jobs would be created 2) The environment would improve 3) When renewable energy becomes cheaper than oil, we won’t have a useless billion dollar pipeline rusting across our country.

We don’t want the oil in Alberta, it just pollutes the ground and make the hooves of the buffalo rot.
We want to send it to Texas because the USA is allready so polluted it won’t hurt anything down there.


Business is good . If you want to work.


Of course it is, that’s why Obama will never let it happen.

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