Why can’t SOME Lakers fans be accepting?

Laker fans cannot accept the fact that eventually there is a player that is better than there beloved kobe and will lash out like animals and insult and put down any cavalier fans and call them bandwagoners.

They feel the need to call us bandwagoners to make themselves feel better about there denial. Bandwagoners are people who like a team who has championships not a team that has zero. Why would cavalier fans stick with the cavs after 7 years of failure if we were cavalier/lebron bandwagoners.

The real badwagoners are 13- 20 year old laker fans that are not even from los Angeles who have jumped the bandwagon after kobe and shaq won 3 rings cough i mean shaq won three rings lol

BTW – Notice how when Cavs fans argue, they post many reasons and supporting details. When Lakers fans try to prove something, they can’t so they bring up rings and bandwagonners! lol

LMAO I know right…. Lebron has been better since the very begining of the 08-09 season and some people still fail to admit it LOL. Even when Lebron wins his first ring this year the stupid laker fans are still going to be like…….

Kobe- 4 rings
LBJ-1 Ring.

nuff said..

LMAO… Kobe is not even the second best player in the world anymore…. I am sure D-wade has passed him.

Calm down. Obviously it is your opinion that LeBron is better than Kobe.
I am a Laker Fan. But i live in La . My other teams are Raiders, La Kings, USC, UCLA so on.
I have NUMEROUS reasons why Kobe is better than LeBron and have never &quot:Lashed Out&quot: at a Cavs Fan. If you ever want to know these reasons, hit me up @ [email protected] Ask me, and i will answer, and you will have to STFU or resort to your childish name-callings.
BTW most cavs fans are bandwangoners You really think there was THIS many Cavs fans when they Lost 65 Games? You really think there was this many cavs fans before leBron? When they had nothing to Celebrate for 55 YEARS! Get Real. Grow Up. Learn Basketball.
You are a typical Kobe Hater who thinks Shaq won the rings single handed. Do you SERIOUSLY think Shaq would have won 3 rings w/o kobe? Again, Learn Basketball before posting or you look like a dumbass

No offense, but Cavs fans havent been exactly angels themselves. Ive seen them do their fair share of trash talking after beating the Lakers in two seasonal games. And when you look at the big picture, any sports team that has ever tasted success will have their share of bandwagoners. Its not just the Lakers who have bandwagoners. When the Cavs won 66 games last year, Im sure a ton of people jumped on the bandwagon. Everyone thinks that all Laker fans are bandwagoners when some have been following the team since the 80s and 90s.

Lastly, Shaq didnt win three rings alone. Kobe did a ton of work and deserved those rings too When Shaq got fouled out, who carried the team??

Lmao. you’re denying too. *cough* shaq won 3 rings. man it was a team effort.
You know what? i accept. i think its dumb when people say lakers will make it to the finals or win it all again the way they were playing the last games of the season.
Hell no. if they play like that, im sorry. As much as i hate to say it go home. this isnt a kickback game. its the playoffs. Now saying that. I believe. The lakers will come out strong. Ready to play. You know, how they came out last year. With bynum back. gasol playing fantastic. idk about kobe. lamar can do some things. But really none of us know. You can’t assume they will come out playing the way they were in the last games. And I can’t assume they will come out playing fantastic. You get me? We’ll have to see. None of us know. Regular season games are different than post season games. We’ll have to see. By the end of the first round(if they make it) we’ll be able to determine if they’ll go far or not. This is a win or go home situation. And you just have to accept the way they’re playing. theres nothing you can do…
btw. im a laker fan b/c i live in los angeles.
I’m all about L.A.

You don’t have to live in LA to be a fan maybe they have other family they was born and raise so they pass it to there kids and you really need to stop throwing the bandwagon thing around and why in the hell you ranting for? Don’t act like we’re the only fans that have bandwagon and where were you last year around this time? lol you said 7 years isn’t that when Lebron was drafted so you’re a bandwagon fan to and I doubt you’re 7 years old asking this question. The Cavs fans have no argument until they pass the Lakers up in rings.

MAN you really LOVE Lebron.

We dont care if Lebron is better, He can take that title. We care about RINGS!!!!!!

all Cav fans care is that Lebron is the best player, thats ALL they say.

I rather take the Ring than best player

LMAO Look at this pathetic rant by a LeBrick bandwagoner. Watch you will claim to be a Knick fan when your precious LeBron chokes again against the Magic. You’re the one that wont admit that LeBrick is a choker good job acting like a typical LeBrick bandwagoner. What will be you excuse when My Magic beat you guys in the ECF AGAIN. You are a LeBrick bandwagoner i bet you didnt even know that the Cavs were a team before LeBrick was drafted by them.

Magic&gt:Cavs how do you feel about that.
LeBrick is a stat padder, chokes in the clutch.
You fail kid next time come back with facts before you continually embarrass yourself time and time again.

y r u people even still keeping this alive!!
do u think posting this question will solve ANYTHING
yeah lebron is better than kobe this year so what
we still gonna win the trophy

&quot:because of the fact Kobe scored eighty one&quot: &quot:Kobe is extra proper than MJ&quot: &quot:MVP&quot: each and all of the above are costs via bandwagon Kobe followers who have not have been given any clue. all of them think of Kobe is definitely going to accomplish decrease than stress…LMFAO

Why can’t you accept that Lebron isn’t a KING or a GOD?
So your saying in 7 years Lebron is better than Kobe??
IF you are saying Lebron is better than Kobe in career I will laugh, but for this year I agree with you.

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