How easily offended are you?

Are you offended easily? If so, what exactly offends you?

i fink i actually do get offended quite easily, i try not to let the person kno this except i can’t really control my feelings very well

what offends me the most is when people comment on my looks [if they say that i’m ugly —but not if they someone else is prettier than me, i’m not a jealous person], i dunno maybe it’s cos i don’t think so much of myself [like i don’t have tons of self esteem] so it gets me down quite a bit

Skinny girls that are all ribs horrify me. And their naked bodies flaunting my television offend me.

almost never. if someone said &quot:**** you, i hope hitler killed your family in the lolocaust. you like guys, its evident by how gay you act&quot: id be like: …ok?

not too much. i avoid these situations.

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