To Republican Registered Voter’s,If Legal would would you Vote for George Bush for a third Term?

If so why?

Absolutely……..love his commitment and stance on the war….don’t like his stance on immigration though, but I’ll trqade one for theother for right now!

NO! Through a consitutional amendment back in 1951,
I forgot what #. This amendment is supposed to keep
U.S. Presidents from running for 3rd terms and beyond.
FDR was the only U.S. President that was a four term President of the United States. I think members of the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate should have term limits as well. Be elected once and re-elected once and that is all!
Do not count on it though. Thus, I will not vote for Bush the third time even if I wanted to or legal.

I am a registered republican. Have been for 34 years. I did not vote for G. W. Bush in 2000 or 2004. I would sooner rip my own fingernails out with pliers than vote for him in 2008.

He is the single worse thing that has happened to the GOP in its entire history and may be the worst president we have ever had, republican or democrat.

If Huckabee drops out, I would. I know that Bush isn’t perfect, but a.) I know what we have in Bush, and b.) I think he’s way more responsible and a better leader than any other candidate left in the race (I really liked Fred Thompson).

I’d vote for him again because I know he’ll not let something bad happen to us again. The other candidates would just let that happen. I mean, I know Bush is badly naive…he trusts people too much and that makes him look stupid. I don’t think he’s an idiot, just….too trusting of his &quot:advisors&quot:

that would be 1 hard decision when it comes to stopping terrorist attracts on the U.S. GW has done a grate job but Bush’s war on terror has cost allot of money and the Soldier’s that have been killed and maimed mental and/or physically brakes my heart.The U.S. Military is incredible.
What would make me not vote for GW again is his playing footsie with Mexico and his open Borders Policies that could makes all of the money spent on fighting terror and the sacrifices that the Military Men and Women have made go down the drain.The open borders is the main thing that would make me think twice about GW.I don’t like that he is more liberal on some things than I thought in the beginning but that never got any body killed.

Tax Cuts are Good

I am republican, but I don’ t think I would vote for him. I do think people are a little harsh. I mean, I doubt anyone on here calling him a moron could have done a better job. Some of the people answering on here sound so ignorant they probably couldn’t even find their way to the white house with navigation.

sure. President Bush has accomplished extra beneficial than the different President in modern-day history. He informed the firefighters and united states of america on the rubble of 911 what he grow to be going to do for the the remainder of his term. President Bush stored his provides. a uncommon ingredient for a flesh presser. He did what he informed us he could do. I appreciate him, even at circumstances when I did no longer constantly believe him. yet, as history maintains to unfold, President Bush maintains to be shown magnificent in his accusations, assumptions, and coverage judgements. no longer suitable, yet magnificent and strong.

I would be proud to vote for George Bush again. I’m worried about who will replace him…

no i did however vote for him twice i will say he was the lesser of 2 evils but unless i felt that way for the hypothetical third probably not his stand on immigration is piz poor his fight for housing for everyone was the cause of loan companies lowering the standards so that more people could buy houses that could not afford it so anyway i would say no

No. I didn’t vote for him in his first primary, but I voted for him over Gore or Kerry. I wouldn’t vote for him for a third term because I begrudgingly voted for him the first two times. If the Dems could have offered up somebody better than Gore or Kerry, I might have voted for them.

Your kidding, right?..You are actually asking if anyone would vote for one of the most worst Presidents ever? The answer is NO!!

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