My 12 year old daughter is pregnant with a 17 year old boy’s son. What should I do?

My 12 year old daughter is pregnant with a 17 year old boy’s son. What should I do?
She plans on keeping the baby and moving in with the 17 year old and his parents. This 17 year old is a total loser. He used to sell drugs, but now he works at an ice cream shop. He burned a house down when he was 9, and served 4 years in juvi for it. He’s such a pervert that it should be illegal. The first time I met him, he hit on me-right in front of my own daughter! He said that he would love to taste my cougar peach. I was so horrified and embarrassed and angry that I kicked both him and my daughter out. I don’t know why I let her date him in the first place. I really should have put my foot down, but oh well.
She’s only two weeks pregnant (apparently, my daughter takes a pregnancy test every week just to be safe.), so she could abort it, if she wanted to.

This guy wants to be a part of the picture and help her raise the baby, but he also got another girl pregnant and bailed out on her. (last year, he got a 15 year old girl pregnant.) He also only works part time and lives in his parent’s garage. His father is unemployed and beats his wife. I don’t want my daughter in that kind of environment, but I also don’t have the extra room to accommodate a man and a baby.

I’m at my wits end here. What should I do?

omg these people just keep on bit.ching omg its not her fault her daughter did that geese people cut her a lil slack like seriously what if it were ur daughter or son huh like person i think u should consider your options like maybe keeping ur daughter she is yours until shes 18 and u don’t have to let that boy live with you if u don’t want him to like make him pay as soon as hes 18 u probably can make him pay child support too and next time if she continuse sex make her wear condoms and like affter every intercourse take a pill called plan b it stops the egg from forming up to 72 hours affter intercourse best of wishes to you whatever you decide and like i cant belive their all blaming you

Well you are the mother and she is only 12 and so you need to take control first and for most. She is only 12 and has to live with you it is the law. Do not let him move in and do not allow her to live with him. keep talking to her about the situation, start telling her her options,and do not stop, she is to young to understand or even truly comprehend abortion, however again you are her mother. There are many other options you need to explain to her and you need to do it over and over again. Also you can put a restraining order on him. And if he is 17 and she is 12 i could be wrong but i do not think that is legal.However you dint want the law involved if not necessary it will just be more problems. Next thing He will not take responsibility you need to get that out of your mind and start getting it out of hers , it is not an option or possibility, for one he is only 17 and no’s nothing (you should no that) and for 2 you say he all ready has 1 baby and is not involved, why on earth would you think it will be any different with your daughter.. Try doing some research on places in your area that help Young woman deal with this sort of thing and start taking her to such different places it will help you and her. Also keep doing what your doing, google help with teenage daughter pregnancy and different things there are sites that will help you find the right help you and her need.. I hope i didn’t come off to strong but it is a very serious situation and you need to be strong for you, her and that unborn baby.. There is help out there but you will have to find it.. Good luck with everything and dint give up on her,, she need you more then she knows!!!

I absolutely would put my foot down. That is unacceptable!! You’ve been horrifically lax as a mother and you really need to make up some ground. You will not let her move out of your house until she is 18, or until she has proven herself responsible. There is no way that this 17 year old boy will ever be able to support a baby, especially if he’s already bailed on the first girl. That right there should be your indicator.

If he wants to be part of the baby’s life, GREAT. He can do it as a visitor.

Better though, is you should really try to encourage your daughter to put the baby up for adoption. Tell her what you’ve said here. His father beats his mother, and obviously this kid has no clue what a normal household should be like. There is no way he is mature enough to be a father, and there is no way she is mature enough to raise a child. And you cannot take care of it for her. It’s not a pet that she can just decide she doesn’t feel like playing with today.

You should be ashamed of yourself. You both should be sterilized.

Get her on the pill the moment that baby pops out…

You should have seen this coming. You allowed your 12 year old daughter to date a 17 year old son. You should have known he would want sex. If he is such a pervert, and said that to you why would you allow him in your household? Why would you let your daughter date him? You seem to have failed as a mother. You said &quot:I really should have put my foot down, but oh well.&quot: What do you mean Oh well? You don’t care? Shame on you for not caring that your daughter is having a baby.
Your daughter should not move out, nor should he move in. He can visit his child if you keep it. The baby can sleep in your daughter’s room. Hope she has fun taking care of the baby when all her friends go out and have fun.

A 12 year old is not mature enough for a baby. They cannot take care of one for a long time. Their body is not even mature enough for it.

Wow. You need to try to have a SERIOUS heart to heart with your daughter. There is absolutely no way a 12 year old would know what she wants to do with the rest of her life and it sounds like this loser boyfriend is going to bail out sooner if not later. If she’s willing to listen you need to discuss all possible options, whatever is good for your family. And once this is over and done with you need to help her establish safe sex practices: such as birth control. And you say that she told you she took pregnancy test every week. What would be the purpose to this? Perhaps she got pregnant on purpose, if that were so, your situation will be much more difficult.

Good luck to you.

Why the fuvk would you kick her out in the first place? She’s 12, she doesn’t know **** about life. You should have taken her under your wing. You can’t expect her to make wise decisions at this age. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Hire a HITMAN!!! jk really she obviously knew what happens when you have sex…you cant help the decisions she makes but she isnt a teen yet, and she needs to realize she isnt going to have a teenage like her friends, and that the guy is a loser. She is attached to him and is blinded by what she wants to see. He is probably so mean to her. She is vulnerable and he took advantage of that. I wouldnt let my grandchild grow up in an enviroment like that. You should look at some legal responsibility you can take, I believe since she is underage you can be the responsible party, or you can turn your back and not care, and let your daughter struggle but she needs you and even thou your child is having a child she needs to accept the reality. I wish you the best of luck.

Buy a really big bloody gun and go hunting.. There are a variety of really mean and vengeful things you could do to him, prison.
But hey listen up this sounds a little too redneck you LET your 12 yo daughter get RAPED,and now you think you should house him? Grow a brain or some balls and do what it is you shouldnt need to be told to do
take her to get vacuumed, report his *** and be done with the situation. 12? where is your head woman? you might as well be putting her on a corner and telling her to turn tricks.

No offense, but, u don’t sound like a mother. As a matter of fact, your writing style sounds a bit hurried through and fast paced, as if done by someone who is not an adult.

If you really are the mother, grow up yourself and take action for your daughter’s sake.

If not, then I can only assume that you are the pregnant pre-teen who is afraid to ‘fess up about this pregnancy. Time to take responsible action. Admit it and own up to it.

If you really were a mother, you would know what to do.

Wait a second, lemme get this straight…: you let your 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER date a 17 YEAR OLD ??

No offence but :

That’s a BIG falure as a parent!!

Why the HELL would you let her date someone that’s in highschool when she’s prolly in grade 6 or 7 ?!?!

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