Have you ever see a lunar eclipse? Are you going to watch the lunar eclipse tonight?

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
Wed Feb 20, 10:01 AM ET

A total eclipse of the moon tonight is expected to delight skywatchers across the United States and much of the world.

It will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2010.

The easy-to-watch event will play out in several stages as Earth’s shadow blocks sunlight from shining on the moon. Weather permitting, the eclipse will be visible from all locations in the United States, according to NASA. Along the Oregon and northern California coasts, the moon will rise during the early stages of the eclipse.


I’ve seen many. I absolutely love everything about astronomy. It’s definitely worth it.

Hope you enjoy it!

elicps are special. they help with loads of stuff, like today i finished 30 pages of math in 1 hour, like i said, they are deffinatly important, and they probaly have some purpous, only no one knows anything about them, except the alignment thing.

I haven’t seen one before, at least not that I can remember, and I’m definetly going to watch it tonight.

I am, in about an hour and 45 min. Thank god it’s clear outside

No and Yes

yes I have and no I will not

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