What is the difference between a one-night stand and an affair?

nothing, both are equally disrespectful, just to different parties…

personally whenever i read questions like this one it just adds nails to the coffin at the funeral of integrity, fidelity, respect and honesty.

and is it just a coincidence that the majority of these questions are asked by the female gender.

A one-night stand happens one time: an affair is on going. A one night stand might be between two single people, but an &quot:affair&quot: usually implies that one or both are married.

Definition speaking, when most people talk about a one-night stand, its once and never happens again. When someone talks about an affair, its usually in reference to a longer term thing. Although some people would classify ANY cheating as an affair. I think a one-night stand just describes the individual situation more.
To me they are both infidelities and both are bad.

/the name says it all. A one night stand is one night generally with a stranger you never saw before and probably will not see again

An affair is a relationship that goes on for a longer term than one night. The two people generally have an emotional attachment and the relationship is usually about more than in the moment sex. In todays termonology an affair is thought to mean a sexual/emotional relationship where one or both parties are married to other people but it can mean any emotional/sexual relationship

A one night stand means someone met someone and decided to have sex that night. In my opinion, those are very rare. Most one night stands end up being affairs. An affair is an ongoing sexual relationship, when one or both persons involved are already involved in a committed relationship.

Hope that helped,

a one night stand is something that happens once, usually between two consenting, single adults although a one night stand can happen in a marriage too (not good!). an affair is called an affair when one of the consenting adults is married &amp: it is an ongoing relationship between the two adulterers, not something that only happens once.

One-night stand usually you have sex with a person just one night and that’s it..no feeling attached..
An affair is an on going relationship usually comes with having feeling for that person..

Affairs are more long term and tend to have emotional attachments. The one night stand is usually 2 people who lust for each other with no emotional attachment.

a one night stand can be for anyone single or married an affair is carrying on a relationship when one or both of you are married.

as the termalogy suggests . a &quot: one -night stand &quot: is juat that ! one night !
an affair lasts longer …….

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