Liberal Democrats blamed George Bush for the hurricane Katrina mess?

Will they join me now in congratulating the President and thanking him for the fine job he has done with Hurricane Gustov?

…or does it not work both ways?

Oh no… They are congratulating the Dems for the hard work and ignoring the Republican efforts.

They wouldn’t thank a republican if their life depended on it. They are nothing but extremists and no different than the Muslims we are fighting. They are both out to destroy the American way.

Thanks George

for helping McCain grandstand through peoples miseries


our memory of Katrina lets us all know how concerned the G O P is with New Orleans

You same people are the ones that were wailing about
its just a bunch of welfare cases down there anyways
Serves them right for living in such a place

Congratulating someone on something that’s expected of them? This sounds like that one Chris Rock joke, &quot:I’ve never been to jail!&quot: Well you’re not supposed to go to jail dumba$s!

I agree the federal government was ready this time, but to congratulate him on not screwing the pooch a second time is a bit much.

I think HE did an excellent job this time..Since apparently anything to do with hurricanes falls directly in his hands.

And just what did little georgie bush do, did he have a double shot of Jack Daniels and a couple hard pretzels?

Thank you, President Bush, for doing what I pay you to do with my hard earned tax dollars. Here is a statue in your name for doing your job.

Even W isn’t so foolish as to make the same mistake again in an election year. It’s a non-issue.

doesnt work that way it probably will be the bang up job of ray&quot: school bus&quot: nagin

no……i refuse to forget the atrocious response to katrina, when government built levee’s fail….its on them.

and im sure fema/the white house will fail again this week when the other two hurricanes hit.

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