Do you think that being a religious person (or non religious) has any bearing on your compassion for animals?

I know I am going to hear that God made man in his own image, and animals have no souls.

I feel that compassion for animals is a trait that indicates that a person is basically good.

If Christians believe that God put animals here on earth, what was his purpose? I don’t think that he would approve of how they are expoited, but a lot people don’t seem to consider that.

The Bible says that animals were put here for man’s use . Muslims and Jews kill animals as sacrafice to God ( although few Jews still do this ) . Other old religions such as the Aztecs did also . Some religions other than Islam still do . For example Santa Maria , and VooDoo .

Bella*do ! ! ! ! A one ounce piece of chocolate can kill a dog in less than 20 minutes . Dark chocolate is the most dangerous .

I am an atheist and animal rights supporter . I volunteer at an animal rescue group and have a rescued dog and cat .

reggi .. Just a question .. What do you think your husband gains emotionally by killing animals (sometimes in a very painful manner ) rather than just taking photos of them ? Why does the power of death and pain make him feel good ?

Popcorn Park is a Zoo that gives homes to many animals that were wounded and left to die by hunters and trappers ( as well as those abandoned by Circuses , petting Zoos , etc.

Read the latest in the Humane News here :

I believe that as a christian I would not intentionally hurt an animal,but with people like P.E.T.A. it’s hard to see things their way because they act like animals have the same rights as people(and they don’t)my husband fishes and hunts,we use the animal for food,it’s not just sport.having compassion for animals is OK,but don’t put them in the same category as humans.

Your a better person for not believing in god. Everything &quot:good&quot: associated with religion exists in the secular world. The only thing your missing out on is belief in inaudible voices, invisible entities and judgments that occur after we die when no one can come back to argue otherwise. Besides once you reject the one size fit’s all answer of oh… it was God! you are actually able to find the right one…

I think we should treat animals with love and consideration. It has nothing to do with god.

Treat them how you would want to be treated. Lots of chocolate and a comfy sofa. I know you shouldn’t give animals chocolate.

God put animals in our care. We will be judged by how we treat them as well as people.

really, I have compassion for animals, butI also know that thefood we eat has been bred to be food. Domesticated animals bred for food purposes couldn’t survive without humans.

it is one of those &quot:extra mile&quot: factors in goodliness. Not clearly spelled out, like DON’T STEAL. Also for the record…animals have souls.


I have compassion for animals, and I am far from being Christian &quot:Good&quot:.

If I were an atheist, I would still be kind to animals.

I am a Christian. I believe animals are Gods greatest gift to us. I do think they have souls. We are to care for our animals before we care for ourselves.

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