Do all Roman Catholics hate the Jews or is it just Mel Gibson and Adolf Hitler?

Once a Catholic–always a Catholic, for good or for bad. But this does not say anything about whether the person actually believes in the Doctrine and acts according to it. We would say someone who does not hold to the Doctrine of Trent is a &quot:fallen-away&quot: Catholic. But still a Catholic–that is,if he professed the Faith to begin with. A bad Catholic chooses to deny the doctrine, explicitly. But he may hold it intrinsically–his Faith is intact, and he will seek to confess any wrong against the doctrine.

No one knows another’s internal forum, perhaps the internal forum of the worst person on earth is struggling to right itself to God. To OPENLY accuse anyone of WHAT WE DON’T KNOW in that private forum is the sin against the Eighth Commandment, bearing false witness, –it is to assume another is in denial of doctrine — but it OPENLY CONVICTS THE ACCUSER worse than the accused, for it is murder of the worst kind, OF ANOTHER’S SOUL. It is DETRACTION, SCANDAL, GOSSIP.

We can observe and debate in the OPEN FORUM, those ideas which are not clear–despise what the &quot:nazi doctrine&quot: appears to promote, the persecution it causes. But perhaps even Hitler confessed his error and pleaded to God on his death bed. We don’t know.

Saints are just sinners who have been restored to the de fide DOCTRINE OF TRENT, the true teaching of Christ.

Traditional Catholics at
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Why would Catholics hate Jews? That’s utter nonsense. Many Catholics put their lives on the line to save Jews from Hitler . Hitler abandoned Catholicism at an early age and lived his entire adult life as an atheist/occultist. According to historian Michael Rissmann, young Hitler was influenced in school by Pan-Germanism and began to reject the Catholic Church, receiving Confirmation only unwillingly. A boyhood friend reports that after Hitler had left home, he never again attended a Catholic Mass or received the Church’s Sacraments.
The KKK isnt just racial. It’s also religious. The KKK is a white, Protestant terrorist organization. They think Catholics worship idols and they think Jews killed Jesus.

Mel Gibson is part of a Christian church that rejects the Vatican II Council reforms so Gibson is also not considered to be a Catholic.

There is no doubt that Hitler hated Jews, but there is NO record of Mel Gibson hating Jews, nor is ther any record that I am aware of that any other Catholic person hates the Jews. The Roman Catholic Church, for the record, does teach that Catholics, and all Christians should love, and support the Jewish people and nation.

You serem to be the only one trying to convince others that aRoman Catholics &quot:hate the Jews,&quot: xo you probably should cease that activity.

And, for the record, I am NOT a Catholic. In truth, I am against a lot of things the Catholic Church teaches and does.
But, in this instance, you are WRONG!

Go in peace.

And, always remember: — Jesus loves you!!

Uncle Floyd

Be blessed!


Nowhere in the bible does it say that jews should be hated. Some people like to ignore the message of the bible and pick just a few small parts to be fanatical about. This also happens with the Koran and with the religious texts of other faiths. People want to take action to affirm their faith and display their faith so they pick something from their book or belief set and than go on display like a peacock. Mel Gibson and Hitler do not represent the catholic church or its adherents.

Good Lord darling, where did that idea ever come from?

Sadly, and I’m going to get hammered for this. But, at least ONCE in our lives we all get all Mel Gibsony over SOMETHING. He just happened to get caught. We can loose it and go off like he did. I’ve ranted and raved in anger and hurt. I feel that’s all he did. He’s not nuttier than the next human being.

NOT saying what he did and what he said wasn’t wrong. But, it was human.

Now Hitler? he didn’t just go off, he was off.

Jews? Why would Catholics hate Jews? That’s utter nonsense.

No. Roman Catholics do not hate Jews. Many Catholics were persecuted for protecting Jews during WW2. And although Hitler was baptised a Catholic, he had no personal interest in Catholicism at all.

Just a few.

Many, many, many Catholics put their lives on the line to save Jews from Hitler.

Irene Sendler leaps to mind, but there were many more. And many outspoken Catholics in Germany found themselves in the wrong end of a Brownshirt beating.


The Catholic Church called the Jews Christ-killers for a couple of millenia, then it recognized the error of its ways, I think in the early 1970’s, and apologized. Mel Gibson is an alcoholic who hates everyone when his brain is pickled with ethanol. Adolf Hitler was a bizarre human being who was raised Catholic but did not practice Catholicism as an adult, was responsible for the murders of millions and millions of people (not just Jews) while he maintained a vegetarian diet in an attempt to prevent killing innocent animals. Go figure.

Also include Charles Manson who used the Catholic version of the Bible to get his followers to kill for him.
I would say that Hitler, Gibson, and Manson were all influenced by Catholic teachings but eventually strayed from the mainstream. Hitler became an atheist/occultist. Manson became an Evangelical, a Protestant minister of sorts that was not affiliated with the RCC in any way. Mel Gibson is part of a Christian church that rejects the Vatican II Council reforms so Gibson is also not considered to be a Catholic.
See what you get for answers here.
I think you might do better by asking how much the teachings of the Catholic Church influenced Hitler and Gibson? If you say that Hitler was Catholic, most Catholics will argue that Hitler was an atheist or he practiced the occult. Hitler didn’t learn anti-semiticism from the atheists. Hitler did not convince atheists to help him exterminate the Jews. Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, are all predominantly Catholic countries.
Here is an interesting thought. The late Pope John Paul II issued an apology for the Holocaust. The Pope grew up in Poland. He knew the concentration camps. He was not a hater of Jews but he knew the church’s faults and he apologized for them.
Mel Gibson is a maniac. But the sad thing is that his hatred is a learned hatred of the Jews. And the source of his hatred comes from the RCC and how the RCC depicts Jews as being demonic, evil, and somehow responsible for the death of Jesus.
Edit- Why would Catholics hate Jews?
Catholics blame Jews for the death of Jesus Christ.
In the New Testament, Pilot refuses to condemn Jesus to death because of a warning Pilot’s wife had in her dream that he would be cursed with the blood of Christ on his hands. This is why Pilot washes his hands of Jesus and asks the Jews to decide what to do.
This is also a warning from the Church against the evils of democracy and why kings chosen from God should rule and not ignorant people like the Jews to decide a man’s fate.
The Jews said &quot:crucify him.&quot:
Pilot warned them of the dream and how he washed his hands of the blood of Christ.
&quot:The let his blood be on our hands,&quot: said the Jews. &quot:And on our children’s children’s hands.&quot:
And with this God had cursed the Jews. They were no longer his chosen people with the blood of the Messiah, the son of God murdered by the Jews. The curse of the God of Israel was upon them and God damned the Jews.
In the concentration camps, many Jews were crucified on crosses of barbed wire, with crowns made of barbed wire, and six million Jew Christs were put to death and the Nazi emblem stated that they acted upon &quot:God’s will.&quot: Why would an atheist believe in killing the Jews and acting as an instrument of God’s will? Doesn’t that sound more like a Catholic to you?

What a unintellectual question you’ve just asked to me, and to answer this: no.

Mel Gibson = Confused Christian.

Adolf Hitler = Pure Secularist.

Roman Catholics = Another Christian Sect.

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