Are 0-bummo’s approval ratings unrealistically high? Why are so many on the left giving him a free pass on the?

blatantly untrue Chamber of Commerce controversy? I consider all who still support 0-bummo to be my enemy and my nation’s and regaed them with a wary eye. Aren’t they approaching the same levels of fanaticism possessed by those muslims who strap on bomb-belts and stroll into a daycare center?
At some point, you have to be able to see what’s going on and put down the Kool-Aid.

Obama’s personal popularity is much higher than his job performance. It means people are lying when they say they like him because they don’t want to be labeled as a racist.

I don’t agree. Unrestricted funding of the elections in this country is the root of corruption. Companies don’t spend money without a promise of return. Look at Medicare Part D – no price negotiation, for the love of Mike! How many billions did that bring into Big Pharma?

As for your characterization of the president, Poo. President Obama was handed a God-awful mess and did some pretty good work against staggering, unreasoned opposition. The DOW closed above 11,000, jobs are up, GNP is positive, the rotten, greedy, credit card companies can’t jack up your interest rate and sick little kids can no longer be denied health coverage.

Not a bad two years in my book.

Higher than Reagan’s at this point in his presidency.

The president inherited a huge mess. Some of us are grown up enough to realize that one person wasn’t going to be able to turn it around in five minutes. He actually has accomplished quite alot during his first not quite two years in office.

From Rolling Stone

Less than halfway through his first term, Obama has compiled a remarkable track record. As president, he has rewritten America’s social contract to make health care accessible for all citizens. He has brought 100,000 troops home from war and forged a once-unthinkable consensus around the endgame for the Bush administration’s $3 trillion blunder in Iraq. He has secured sweeping financial reforms that elevate the rights of consumers over Wall Street bankers and give regulators powerful new tools to prevent another collapse. And most important of all, he has achieved all of this while moving boldly to ward off another Great Depression and put the country back on a halting path to recovery.

Along the way, Obama delivered record tax cuts to the middle class and slashed nearly $200 billion in corporate welfare — reinvesting that money to make college more accessible and Medicare more solvent. He single-handedly prevented the collapse of the Big Three automakers — saving more than 1 million jobs — and brought Big Tobacco, at last, under the yoke of federal regulation. Even in the face of congressional intransigence on climate change, he has fought to constrain carbon pollution by executive fiat and to invest $200 billion in clean energy — an initiative bigger than John F. Kennedy’s moonshot and one that’s on track to double America’s capacity to generate renewable energy by the end of Obama’s first term.

As usual the Libs have used some of their HOT air to inflate their ratings.

It’s easy to post rhetoric. I try to rely on facts to determine if a politician is accomplishing what he promised and if those things are good for America:
Promises Kept 122
Compromise 41
Promise Broken 22
Stalled 82
In the Works 236
Not yet rated 3




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