Mouse in Birds room – plug in mouse repellants ?peppermint oil ? bother birds ? any other suggestions ?

ok for starters it’s not my bird – its someones we knows whos in a business type setting -mechanics – the bird is well care for but when i was there today i noticed a mouse – i guess enjoying the dropped seeds ? – well it’s tail as it made a quick excape -it crawled up the cocatoos cake legs &amp: was actually in the cage with iit – the birds alone at night – so i can only imagine whats its like when its alone in thedark ……..
– poison is out of the question as with traps – as theres a SMALL dog at the establishment too that gets into EVERYTHING
– anyone know if ultra sonic mouse repellant plug ins repell mice well or if they irritate birds ?? – what about pepperment oil does that irritate birds ?
thanks for your input

The mouse isnt your only problem. Mice contaminate food and water to the point a bird can get sick and die from the contamination. You need to remove the bird to a safe place for awhile, clean its cage thoroughly and get all new seed and water containers and new seed supply. While the cage is away, set bait boxes…there are some wooden boxes with 12mm ( half inch ) holes each end. Some are designed for bait (poison) and some are designed for traps inside them. You need to kill the mouse or mice. Be very aware it wont be the only mouse. For every one you see there will be five or six.
Dont return the bird until they are all gone.
Then when the bird is brought back set the cage on something that stop mice access to the cage….a pedestal setup with metal legs of at least 3 feet tall to the cage. Dont put the cage against a brick or wooden wall as mice can climb them.

I agree with Moggie. Put the birds up somewhere the rodents can’t climb or reach. Store all food items away in airtight containers so that no scent is left of them, and do not leave garbage out. Do not leave crumbs or food items out, either. As soon as there is no reason for rodents to be in your house, there won’t be. They only keep returning if there is something they need or want that is easily accessible (eg. food). I’ve heard of a device that issues high frequency sound waves through the walls that drives out rats, mice, insects, etc because it bothers them or hurts their ears. The problem here is that although it may not bother we humans, dogs, etc. it probably will harm your birds… The livetraps may also work well in your case. I remember once having a saavy rat in the house I’d just moved into who knew all the tricks of the trade. He tore up the rat trap my parents had bought (and ate the bait before leaving), wouldn’t go anywhere near to poison, would walk INSIDE the stove (he obviously knew his way around) and played with the live trap. I’d say kudos to this rodent for evading all the traps (and destroying them), if only he hadn’t been so annoying to have around! Sure enough though, later we found that the previous owners of the home had left a package of ramen noodles behind the stove – and this is what he’d been feasting off of. After removing the noodles, we never saw or heard him again. We also had a dog – she knew he was there, but there was nothing she could do about it lol.

If you have the stomach to do the killing, I recommend you take a 5 gallon bucket or rubbermaid type container, cut a small, mouse sized hole in it turn it upside down over a sticky trap and place a very heavy weight on the bucket (something so heavy the dog can’t knock it over). Kill the mouse. Then make sure you seal up the route the mouse got into the room or you will have the same problem again.

I use peppermint oil and mothballs to keep them out of cars stored outside but I don’t think that would deter a mouse in your situation. Trapping works fine if its only one mouse but it sounds like maybe others can get into this space? The only thing I can tell you is to not waste money on those things you plug in the wall like a nightlight to deter mice. Waste of money in my experience but the ones I tried was several years ago. Can you find one with a moneyback guarantee and maybe try it. They say its not an irritant to other pets but somehow that doesn’t sound right to me. Just like the deer whistles on the car, does nothing, just gives the driver the illusion of safety. Good luck, its a tough problem. I had a mouse (shudder) get into an Amazon’s cage and the bird killed it. Its the disease and pests they carry that concerns me.

There are covered traps that even a teacup chi. can’t get into. The plug in things dont work…. they get use to them. Ya need to get traps… it won’t hurt the dog if you get the right one.

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