Should d-wade start over kobe and is he better than kobe?

i think d wade should start on team usa and i think he is better than kobe..

What up UK Wildcat,

i think if you switched the roles of Kobe and Wade- you would see Kobe putting up some Wade like performances. LeBron and Carmelo are both &quot:ball-stoppers&quot: and Jason Kidd has been kind of irrelevant in these games.

Wade gets to come in with the 2nd unit, with Chris Paul and Chris Bosh, and i think they are a lot more run and gun.

The chemistry is great- and althogh i think Kobe is the best player in the planet right now- there is no doubt that Dwayne Wade is having a better Olympics- and in some ways- i think Wade has adjusted to the International game more– some of it may be the experience of having been on past Olympics teams.

Kobe’s defense has been great and i think he’s a bit worn down from a long season. It’s funny but the Haters have still been on here hating (not you) but all the hate posts i’ve seen- i didn’t see any posts when Kobe had a good game against Greece.

In Olympic play right now- yes Wade is playing better than Kobe- but i think the Chemistry of the 2nd unit is better than that of the first unit- so i wouldn’t mess with what’s working.

All the haters- will say what they will say- but if Coach K decided to start Wade- i don’t think Kobe would have a problem- coming off the bench and being the leader of the 2nd unit. He’s not having a great shooting Olympics- but the Olynpics are not about individuals it’s about TEAM USA and the Gold.



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