Who are the bad guys? Israel or Palestine?

Is the bad side the one that fires missiles randomly over the border killing at random, or the side that, for want of a better word, invades, and then kills the innocent women and children in a deliberate display of vengeance? Which in the long term is only going to increase the number of people willing to stand up and fight against them.

Alan B you don’t really understand the situation do you.
Israel is the size of Wales. Please read what has happened since Israel was formed (although the state is really over 5,000 years old) Every time Israel has withdrawn after a conflict and given back the land that they took it has not created peace as they have been attacked again, now they have to secure their borders as they have a responsibility to protect their fellow countrymen whether Jew , Christian or Arab. Israel pulled out of Gaza as was requested was there peace hell no because Hamas has taken over as they did in Lebanon. Who are the baddie’s you asked well I say Hamas. They have no regard for anyone except their cause if other Muslims are in their way they will kill them to. If they got rid of the evil elements in the area the Jews and Arabs would of made peace many years ago the the Middle East would flourish without the interference of the Arab world who are not actually neighbours of Israel.

This is what Hamas is saying about its actions against Israel: To have Israel control the borders, the airspace and the coast of Gaza, and decide who and what can enter and leave Gaza, and then do nothing about it is to make it look as it is legitimate for the Israelis to do all that.
Remember that Israel”s actions are happening in the context of a 40+ years military occupation of the area.
Yes, Hamas can write articles and hold protests and do interviews and travel the world over to argue their case and plead and beg and all that.
But who”s listening? Who”s doing anything about it? 40 long years and nothing, nothing, has been done to ease the Palestinians” situation.
In fact, it just keeps getting worse with more land confiscation, more Jewish settlers transfered to this lands, more Only Jewish freeways for Jewish settlers to travel on them, more checkpoints, more Palestinians being hunted down and killed without the decency of a court trial, etc.
And all this in the West Bank where not a single rocket has been fired from.
Gaza is under siege and being strangled to death. And to expect Palestinians there, and in the West Bank, to do nothing about it is insane.
One way or another they have to let the world know, at least let Israel know, that they”re not happy with not having the same rights everyone else in the world has.
They really don”t have much of a choice but to attack Israel and let them know that 40 plus years of occupation has to come to an end somehow, sometime.

I don’t think there are any bad guys. We can’t turn foreign affairs into a G.I. Joe or Transformers episode. The &quot:bad guys,&quot: regardless of who gets this title, have reasons for doing what they’re doing, and I guarantee they didn’t just wake up one day and say &quot:let’s start suicide bombing x.&quot: They have a reason, one they think is pretty valid.

I think you can break down any conflict to very basic issues. They’re fighting over who gets to live where. They’re fighting over resources. They’re fighting over who gets to stay.

Sometimes the higher and prettier the rhetoric (ESPECIALLY when any kind of deity is invoked) the more petty and base the real reasons behind the conflict are.


I hate to break it to you but in the real world there are no goodies or baddies, just different groups of people trying to defend their own territories. The only way forward is communication and a willingness to understand that the ‘enemy’ is just a human being like we are – but unfortunately this does not seem to be part of either side’s policy.

Would a fair question be What if both sides stopped who do you think wouldn’t let this happen.Why does the west get rapped knuckles for interfering,why does the west get rapped knuckles for not doing enough.My point,Britain get out of all these things and leave them to it.Anyone here who thinks they can help either side,go and do it.Sell up and go and do it.For once Britain,turn your back on it,and look after number one

Israel has managed to antagonise every single one of its neighbours at some time.The Israeli bully boys would be nothing if they weren’t backed by the Americans.They are justifiably seen as pariahs by every other country in the Middle East.

After Jewish experience I find it hard to believe that they can treat people the way they do. It’s not an easy question to answer. After WW2 they went to Palestine – their promised land. But there where other people there. Why can they not find a way to peace?

Fill up on facts, and decide for yourself …

As I see it, it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other — simple as.

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