Tattoo Designs – Tattoo Johnny?

I found a design I like on Tattoo Johnny. I’ve heard alot of – you have to be original, etc. Well, is it bad to find a design on a site like that and get it done? I was thinking the artist may want to tweek it a bit and probably will – or not?

I got one of mine there and I love it.I got two doves.I’m taking my friend to get one that we found on there soon.They have thousands of options so I don’t see the problem.

yer you and half the other girls try designing your own find a good( I mean good top 3) and start to work out something, I have a tattoo that will turn into a grand plan for a comp when it’s finished do your homework as there are so many people that just pick this or that and it has no meaning to them at all

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