Ford 4.6 engine mount bolts?

I’ve looked just about everywhere on the internet and I can’t seem to find anything about the specifications or where to purchase a new set of motor mount bolts (motor mount to engine block)

Does anyone know the specs for the ford 4.6 engine mount bolts? It comes from a 1994 mercury grand marquis.

Try calling or visiting a Ford dealer.

Talk to the people in the parts department and tell them what you need.

They have all the reference manuals you need and can probably give you the exact specs for the bolts you require for free.

You can go to any FORD parts dealer (Call) and ask them. They can give you a ford p/n, size of the bolt, grade of the bolt, price if you buy from them, As for the torque, go to any library that has a chilton’s Manual, they have specific and general torques listed. A lot of automotive bolts are a special type and cannot be purchased at your local hardware store. i.e. some have the washer made into the head, the bolt is not threaded all the way tothe end to make it easier to start. My Advice, Go to Ford or a salvage yard to get your bolts.

If you have at least one of your original bolts most hardware stores also carry quite a selection of bolts

If you have at least one of the old bolts, then you have your specs.

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