how can I delete temporary internet files?

I can’t delete Internet Explorer history . I tried by deleting in Internet properties. All the video I viewed from Internet are still stored some ware and opens when I view any video files from my mail.So please tell me how to delete all the temporary internet files including video files.

if you have fire fox_____go to tools in explorer menu …………… select clear private data……………..select files cookies and such you want to delete………..press clear private data

Use CCleaner, it deletes your cookies and history:
Click on the Cleaner Tab on the left and under Windows tick all boxes in Internet Explorer. If you save your username/passwords untick ‘Autocomplete Form History’ and under System tick all boxes except the last 2, and leave Advanced all unticked.
Then click on the Applications tab and tick all apart from Saved form information if you use Firefox and save your username/passwords
Click on Options then Settings and under Secure Deletion mark the Secure file deletion (slower) and use the drop down to select Guttman (35 passes)
Please note that some files are ‘locked’ but will be removed on shutdown.

Go to Tools on your internet page…then internet options….see where it says Browsing history…click the delete button…now you see where it says delete temp internet files? Click on that…or to delete everything to be on the safe side, just click delete all at the bottom of that dialog box…

Hope that helps

Download CCLEANER – it will get rid of internet history and such.

As for videos, you must have saved them rather than just open them. You will have to look where you saved those videos and delete them. If not in your desktop, try the downloads folder in your documents

Tools &gt:&gt: Delete Browsing History… &gt:&gt: Delete Files..

right click the icon, select the properties and from there tell it to delete all temporary content.
Also, select run from your start menu, type &quot:%temp%&quot:
and delete all file from there.

Disk Cleanup or Tune Up Utilities

forget everything else and just download &quot:CCLEANER&quot: its the best program, it’s small, free and will clean every unwanted junk out of your pc,, internet explorer history, cookies and every other crap. Trust me, it’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go to tools then go to delete browsing history then at the bottom click on delete all then click yes

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