Dating site disasters. Anyone got stories?

Im a guy, and Ive met women on dating sites. Some have been good. On the whole, the girls are NOTHING like their profiles, in looks or personality. Ive had some shockers. Ive also heard a lot of stories from women with crazy stories about fake profiles, thinking they were meeting a 30yo and met a 60yo, scamming money etc etc
Anyone got some other good stories?

It works the other way as well. I actually met my ex on Match.com and personally know 6 people who have married people they met online including my brother, my best friend and my old college roommate. But there are so many guys who lie about their age, their marital status, their height, or who were not even the men in the picture. One guy showed up for a date and still had his wedding ring on even though his profile said single. One guy showed up who was not the guy in the picture. I’ve had guys who said they were 35 show up and were easily in their 50s . Guys who said they were 5’11 were maybe 5’7&quot:.

I also encountered a number of Nigerian scammers but know how to recognise them so I just scambaited them. I figured if I could waste their time and string them along it would prevent them from finding some gullible person who would fall for the scam and send them money. I personally cannot understand why anyone would even consider sending money to a person they have not even met – let alone give their full name, birthdate and address to someone they have never met

The worst story was a friend in London who spent a year chatting to a woman in LA. They never had a Skype video call which was the first mistake – they either chatted by phone or IM. During this time he did not even bother trying to meet anyone in London. After a year he decided to take a 3 month leave from his job to go meet her in person, thinking he might propose to her if it all worked out. He ended up flying home after 3 days because she lied about everything – she was 15 years older and 200lbs fatter than the person in the pictures, she had 2 kids from 2 different fathers when she told him she had no kids, she lied about her education and occupation. And the sweet, loving girl he chatted with every night was a negative, emotionally abusive witch in person. He was so angry and depressed because he could not believe he was fooled for a full year and really knew nothing about her

Online dating can work if you use it as an introduction. It’s not supposed to be for penpals overseas. It’s a way to meet people to go on a date with. You meet as many crazy people, liars, etc if you go out to a bar or club.

You don’t place your faith in virtual dating. What you find and see online may not be true, including photos, profiles and interests.

You don’t trust a person in cyberspace completely. A would-be date may be out to impress you with a spotless background, stunning look and exaggerated claims. You cannot be sure because he or she is miles away.

Reports — not just stories or gossips — about cyberspace abuse can fill thick, continuous volumes. There are gold diggers looking out for the rich who are lonely and susceptible: gullible people part with thousands of dollars. Also on the prowl are sex predators and paedophiles luring naive girls.

Dating sites are open to all — widows and widowers, single parents, schoolgirls pining for love, lonesome businesspeople, social escorts and even prostitutes. They can be covers for recruiting drug mules, gun runners and contraband traffickers.

You date online with your eyes open and at your own risk.

Lol did dating site once.
Quit since 99% of messages sent to me were &quot:Hey&quot: (Nice conversation starter, -_-), or &quot:Nice tlts&quot: so yeah.

My best friend used a dating site for a while and met a few different guys. One of them was emotionally unstable, one (still) stalks her, one was this compulsive lying farmer boy, and the other was cheating on his wife and my friend became the &quot:other woman&quot:, rofl. – To be fair, she wasn’t exactly picky about who she was meeting up with. She’d meet anyone who wanted to meet her, rofl.

So yeah. xD

Dating sites are so creepy, I couple of times posted a fake picture and my real photo with no other information and got many responses, I didn’t contact anyone.

I was looking for quick hookup so i sign up for ashley madison. I live in a small town but there are tons of girl who wanted to cheat. I messaged them one by one and no one ever answered me

then one day i got a message from a girl who wanted to chat. She keep asking what’s my phone number and what’s my address. Turn out it is not a real person but a bot who is trying to steal my personal INFO!!!

not all dating sites are bad… to be honest, I met my girlfriend of 5 years on MYSPACE, yeah, I know, not many remember that site, but it was awesome. You just gotta take a chance is all

Wasn’t a horror tale yet I dated a guy I met on line for 2 years, long distance. we would shuttle to work out one yet another — him grew to become right into a 5 hourchronic and that i flew down as quickly as a month for long weekends. a authentic whirlwind romance. We have been lots a factor of one yet another’s lives and grew to become superb acquaintances. approximately 8 months into the dating I observed his temper for the 1st time. It grew to become into not solid. Like many human beings, I made excuses for him, like he grew to become into drained or having a undesirable day. close to the tip we began to boost aside yet I wasn’t particular if it grew to become into ending or in basic terms simmering all the way down to a typical dating. i grew to become into sitting at artwork sooner or later and surely, God advised me to bypass on yahoo dating and seek his demonstrate call. interior 5 minutes i grew to become into sitting there watching his profile which stated it have been &quot:energetic interior the previous 24 hours.&quot: i grew to become into in tears, stated as him up and gently asked if it grew to become into him — and he confessed. i assume he had constantly been on the positioning the two years we have been dating….he stated in basic terms watching women while he grew to become into bored. I gave him 2 months to get his profile off there and he did not, so on New 365 days’s Eve while i grew to become into meant to be flying all the way down to work out him, I stated as him up and broke up. not at all in my life have I had one in all those not basic time getting over somebody. i grew to become into rather in love and rather heart broken. we’ve been aside for 2 and a a million/2 years now and that i’ve got not dated all of us on account that and that i don’t want to. To make it type of worse, i found out in a while that he grew to become into borderline bipolar — for this reason the undesirable temper and sometime unusual moods.

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