Help on finding Information on Buddhism?

I am seriously considering converting to Buddhism. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on where I could find some useful information on it(book, internet, etc.). Please don’t try giving me another religion to go to I know what I want.

There are many wonderful introductory books on Buddhism. I usually recommend &quot:It’s Easier Than You Think&quot: by Sylvia Boorstein because it illustrates the foundational teachings of Buddhism in the context of everyday, modern life. It’s warm, witty, and wise – as you’d expect from a senior Buddhist teacher. And, it’s short – always a virtue.

Oddly enough, &quot:Buddhism for Dummies&quot: is also quite good. It doesn’t have the charm of &quot:It’s Easier&quot: but it provides a very comprehensive, well-organized view of this ancient tradition.

The best Buddhist website, by far, is Buddhanet – non-sectarian and comprehensive.

Best wishes in your (re)search!

You don’t have to convert to buddhism. Simply pick up a couple of books, I would suggest an author by the name of Noah Levine. He has written a couple of books that you might find interesting, one is Dharmapunx and the other is Against the Stream. They are interesting insights into buddhism and meditation for the world today.

Take it slow, there’s no benefit in making snap decisions. Read about Buddhism (a good place to start is http://www.accesstoinsight.org ), try some mindfulness of breathing meditation, try some metta bhavana, enroll on a meditation course.

Bit by bit you will find yourself changing, improving.

Sure, there are thousands ofwebsites of Buddhism. You can search in Google with words: Buddha&quot: or Buddhism.

Or you can go into www.buddhismtoday.com


I’ve found a couple of Buddhist websites which are really resourceful and reliable. So, feel free to have a look at them.


May you always be well and happy!
May all beings always be well and happy!

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