Can I be 6’0?

I’m 16 year old asian male who is 5 7.5. I only grew 1/4 inch last year, and 2.5 inches the year before. My dad and uncle are 6’2.but my mom is 5’2. Will I grow to be 6’0?
I started puberty at around 14.25 (is when I noticed hair down there). My voice is still cracking ever since, and I have armpit hair (a low amount). I had no wet dreams in my life. I still have a huge appetite, but only gaining weight. (I swim) But I had no growth spurts and the x ray says I have the bones of a 17 year old, despite people thinking I am a middle schooler who is in 7th or 8th grade. I weight 140 pounds (Sorry for bad english).

Nothing can accurately show height. Anything is a silly guess.

No, you can’t.

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