Party Poll: What is your favourite kind of party?

It could be anything from a tea party to a keg party…

So what’s your favourite party?

The one where the keg is never-ending, and the people are cool and chill, and the one where I leave thinking: &quot:You know, I actually enjoyed myself tonight.&quot:

Beach Parties

I’ve been into recreational speleology since 1964 and the ideal party
size in my opinion to venture where no one has ever been before are
four seasoned explorers. I have just that thing waiting for us today
a mere ninety minutes from my monitor screen. It had been sealed
shut by an Ice Age 18,000 years ago. The world was different then.
I’d like to find evidence of Neanderthal or other proto-humanoids.

a good party has to have good music, like feel good music. Feel good music to me though is like Sublime, the Expendables..anything ska, reggae or soft punk. With good beer and snacks. Everyone is chill. The occasional weed is nice to soften the mood. Beer Pong. Yatzhee. I don’t really do hard liquor that well so what ever on that..

Keggers are nice.

I like ‘rainbow parties’ where all the girls wear different colored lipsticks and give head to all the boys they like, then at the end of the night the boy with the most colorful wang wins! We had one when I was 15.

i like truth or dare parties!

Wild party!

I’m a Loli, so tea parties all the way!!!

Other than that, I prefer a party where I’m locked up in my room eating junk food by myself.

He REALLY likes it when I say foul words and when I talk about shitty music so I’d bring a karaoke machine and do my very best rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart, Old School style. P.S. You totally ruined his magical secret.

Music and games party.

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