Is anyone else feeling as unenthusiastic about sports right now?

I live in Ohio. The Indians suck. The Reds are almost as bad. No Tiger Woods in golf. God, why can’t football just start already? I’ll probably end up watching every olympic event out of sheer boredom. Anyone else feel the same? Or are you happy with the baseball season, alone?

I understand that…but the olymics are to start in a month which will kick off a major sports trend. I my opinion football is my favourite sport to watch- Ohio State football is kinda good ( I joke because I’m a Michigan fan) I know at steve and barry’s they were selling the best games of Michigan vs Ohio state a week ago, a dvd set for about 30$, you could try to inspire yourself to get out of a sports lull with that. Wait about a month and sports will become interesting again.

Yep, include me. Im not even interested in the upcoming Beijing Olympics. Sorry folks but it just seems like it will be a bust. Yeah USA will get its gold in swimming. but what else? I sincerely hope we can come up with a Decathalon contender. Baseball has produced little. Everyone Yawned when Barry beat the homerun record. Yeah they played it up but does anyone care now? I dont. Yankee stadium is coming down. Sports has been a corporate moneymaker for awhile and it took all the fun out of everything.

After the NBA Finals, sports have really gotten boring. It’s great to see the Rays taking it to the Red Sox, but other than that, sports are pretty boring right now. I might actually have to turn off my TV and pick up a book this summer. OH NO!!

For me it seems like every other headline is steroids this or cheating that. It is going to get worse with the Olympics coming up with all of the Doping scandals. And with the Olympics in China, it will be crooked one way or another.

Yeah this is the worst time of year for sports.

I can’t wait for football season to get started!

All sports suck, fun to play boring to watch, why do I want to watch a rich crybaby in spandex man handle other sweaty men, very gay.

Yea I only really follow hockey (New York [long island] Islanders), and hockey isn’t back for a number of months, so yea until then I’m not really gonna follow sports too much.

Happy Red Sox fan for life here : )

I know i want football to start right now also

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