My dad’s birthday is on Wednesday and I bought him something that will make him faint and cry and be happy?

Ok,my dad’s birthday is on Wednesday and yesterday I bought him a 2010 Lexus RX.I’m a pretty wealthy man(Investment Banker).The reason I could buy it is because I got a huge bonus from my boss. It’s a surprise gift(only I and the Lexus dealer knows about it).The problem is, I’m worried that if I tell him and give him the keys to the car at his party, his friends and other family members will get jealous and assume that I have money and beg me for money.Also my sister is a single mother of twins.I’m a bachelor that lives alone and she complains that i never give her money.Should I give the keys and tell my dad privately with my mom?

the car http://autos.yahoo.com/2010_lexus_rx_350_awd/

Do wut ur heart tell u

I think that you should tell him privatley

u should surprise him

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