What are YOUR solutions to the health care crisis in America?

I am lucky enough to have a job that provides me with health care, but know many people, mostly the working poor, who do not have any. Tax credits are useless to the working poor (I know, I used to be one of them),
so I am curious to know what YOUR solution ideas are?
Let me make some points first:
1) You can’t say get a better job, because there will always have to be people who work jobs like waitresses, cashiers, gas station attendants, stock boys etc. They need healthcare.
2) If the working poor just go to the ER for everyday illnesses, the taxpayers end up paying after the patient cannot pay the bill, and healthcare costs rise
3) Tell the working poor not to buy extras such as cable tv, cigarettes, going to the movies, etc., that still would not cover the cost of a hospital stay. Have you seen a hospital bill?
4) Just deal with no health care. Well that is just inhumane. Everyone deserves healthcare

So, I ask again, what is a true solution to the health care crisis? I as a taxpayer am willing to pay higher taxes to help insure my fellow Americans, many of whom are war veterans. I also think everybody who needs insurance should be required to pay some kind of monthly premium, even if it is only $5/month, that would still bring in millions of dollars. Suggestions?

Thank you for asking. Good question. My suggestions are as follows:
1. Use stimulus money to build free clinics in every congressional district, instead of using it for unnecessary things like studying pig odor and funding theaters.
2. Expand Medicaid and Medicare to cover more poor people and cover them better.
3. Cut costs in pork government projects, cut politicians’ wages and benefits, stop earmarks and lobbying.
4. Don’t worry about the people who are uninsured by choice, those who can afford insurance but choose not to buy it.
5. Legislation that will require preexisting conditions to be covered. Insurance companies can do with a smaller profit margin.
6. Allow people to buy insurance across state lines.
7. Leave insurance in the private sector but base it on income and government can pay the difference in premiums.

These are good ways to address the problem without dismantling the system we have now.

The problem with Obamacare is that it is really not about health care. It’s really about a power grab.

I don’t think Health Care reform should happen the way our current administration is planning. Taking such a huge step will only serve to add to the bureaucratic debacles we already have (graft, corruption and entitlements that do not work). However some good solid steps towards government sponsored Health Care, would be: to take small steps: Since VA already serves any member or ex member in good standing of the United States military, how about making VA benefit good at any medical facility (private or government) in the United States. This would pose absolutely no threat to the big insurance companies, I believe. Next the Federal Government could split the cost with states (small tax increase) on modern curb side clinics offering medical, dental and vision. This should be on a term basis to see if it really works. It also should be based on verified (with exception) ability to pay a small deductible possibly, in other words: base it on the patients application only, no detailed back ground check, but if they lie there should be sever penalties. And last, if the curb side clinics work (after 3 – 5 year test) they should open their policy to allow private citizens to buy a discount policy for the clinics only. I believe this would spur insurance companies to either invest in the clinics or lower their premiums in order to compete…. Leave prescription and prescription co-pays alone for now (except for finding cheaper sources around the world).

In addition to the above: the Federal and State Governments should start a robust program to uncover fraud in the Medicaid and Medicare system, while at the same time, looking at their policy for this entitlement. With all catastrophic and mental and old age issues being redefined for the benefit of the patient, that is: insure they are being cared for with the best available services.

Look, nothing is perfect and we need an overhaul but changing everything all at once is not only mind boggling, it doesn’t make sense. Additionally our approval or disapproval as citizens will mean absolutely nothing when and if this bill is passed because we won’t have the detail on the details that are currently being hammered out by our legislatures while they are campaigning for it’s passage… Does that make any sense, is anyone thinking about that aspect. Town halls are good for nothing if the bill is being changed while we are looking to pass it.

Almost forgot: Tort reform would be a must!!!!

Easy. Tort reform. Make the lawsuits against doctors and medical agencies less attractive to scam artists and ambulance chasers.

The reason medical expenses are so high is the fact that malpractice insurance is so high. And malpractice insurance is high because of the huge payouts and outrageous litigation costs of lawsuits. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be able to sue if a doctor cuts of the wrong leg or blinds a person, but if a doctor performs to the best of his ability and misses that inscrutable little dot on your Xray and it turns out to be cancer, then he shouldn’t be forced to lose his practice over it.

The insurance companies, with vested interest in keeping the premiums paid by doctors require multiple tests, some that have nothing to do with the symptoms exhibited by patients, and those tests cost money. The insurance companies, in a sense, become the doctors. The doc can’t just prescribe you two aspirin and call him in the morning anymore, even if he knows it’s a headache, so the bill is higher.

So, now it’s harder for someone to run their own practice because of insurance cost… the solution? Join a cooperative practice or hospital. What do hospitals (with boards of directors) want? Profits. So they jack up the cost of these things to get more profit ( which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing). With more profits, comes more litigation and more money grubbing lawyers trying to suck a buck from anyone they can figure a way to sue.

How do you get the lawyers off of the till? Create a loser pays system where if the suit isn’t won, the loser pays all legal costs. This doesn’t hurt legitimate suits, and only hinders those who are looking for a quick way to get money. It would cut the cost of insurance down, and allow physicians to operate their own practices more easily.

If you want an example of this, check out Texas. They have begun tort reform and doctors are flocking to the state to take advantage of the ability to practice more safely and provide better care for their patients.

The doctors aren’t the bad guys here.

Having the government take over health care would be a disaster. There just isn’t enough money to go around. Even the congressional budget office has said this. When the money is gone, and everyone is on the government plan, then there will be a huge crisis. Which would inevitably lead to rationing. The government needs to focus on tort reform and setting a limit to how much insurance companies can charge.Which would lead to fair competition. Medicare and medicaid needs to be improved as it stands and there should be tighter control over our borders so american tax payers don’t have to pick up the bill for non-citizens in our hospitals.

My girlfriend is a waitress and has decent health insurance. It’s actually pretty cheap if you shop around and are proactive.

If you want to hand out free insurance, why not just have it cover the stuff that the poor cannot pay for themselves? They don’t need every scratch and boo boo paid for – just catastrophic care. Subsidize a few private health plans that cover just catastrophic care and then mandate minimum catastrophic coverage. There would be no rationing and it would cost nowhere near what the Obama plan would. Everyone would have the coverage they need and it wouldn’t flood demand. No one is going to abuse free kidney surgery, but if you offer free doctor’s visits, they’ll show up for the free cotton swabs.

The Obama plan is not about covering the poor or improving health care. It’s about giving Congress control of another 1/5 of our economy. If they control your health care, then they control your vote. Obama himself has said that the gov’t option is just a mile marker in the road to a single payer system. Government cannot manage a DMV, why trust them with your health?

1. High deduct able catastrophic care insurance – Health insurance was originally intended only for catastrophic care like cancer treatment or long term illness that could fiscally harm even well off members of society. Doctors visits should be paid for out of pocket.

– Doing this would have a few effects. First off it would reduce the number of meaningless doctor visits like cold and flu visits that the doctor cannot do anything for anyways. Second, paying out of pocket for smaller cost items removes it from the budget of insurance companies therefore preventing the ballooning of premiums and costs.

2. Exclusion of preventable illness from public health care plan. Include mandatory councelling for oveweight / obese members. The obesity epidemic is costing us hundereds of billions of dollars and obesity related illness is the fastest growing cost in the health care system. NO MATTER WHAT reform happens, a failure to stop obesity will destroy us financially.

– One huge opposition to public health care is the idea that we will be paying for people who chose to live unhealthy to be insured. It is a choice to A) have public insurance and live healthy or B) chose to live an unhealthy lifestyle but we will not support it. It will cut the cost we spend on obesity related illness.

There are two ideas to start.

Also health care is a right to an extent. The saying beggars can’t be choosers certainly applies. Health insurance to gaurantee choice and quality of care is a privilege.

Tort reform not health care reform. We have the greatest healthcare in the world contrary to michael moore’s documentary. want proof? How many people do you know of LEAVE THIS COUNTRY TO GET MEDICAL PROCEDURES DONE? The healthcare providers pay so much in malpractice insurance and have to cover EVERY possible base in the diagnosis of a patient. Are there issues with our system? Sure, no system is perfect. However, if you place caps on lawsuits and eliminate frivolous lawsuits, the cost is likely to react by lowering. I also would impress upon the populace to re-assess their priorities.

Great since you are for paying more and can afford to I will let you pick up my share too as I cannot.
Send all Illegals home and that will take 12 -40 million out of the health care system. Get those that do not want to pay because they simply do not want to to sign off on treatment unless they pay for it in full all of the time every time.
Curtail frivolous lawsuits.
Just those simple moves cost us Absolutely nothing and may even leave us way better off and have enough left to truly cover the absolutely truly needy (not the lazy)

Are you willing to go under the health care that is proposed. I’m NOT. This question has been asked countless times on here and people have chose not to listen. Is it worth changing our whole health care system for 15 million people? do they out number 300 million? NO
Health acre is not a right, it is a privilege. One thing we can do though is make it more affordable starting with tort reform. Sounds to me like you haven’t read the bill, please read it and don’t be an ignorant supporter of what is actually in the bill.

85% of americans have health care coverage. out of the 15% that do not, many choose not to get it. These are often young, single people fresh out of college that would rather spend their money on other things. That’s their right. Telling them to not buy &quot:extras&quot: like cable tv or cell phones isn’t supposed to allow them to pay for a hospital stay, it’s supposed to allow them to buy health care. Many young people that are in good health can buy what is called &quot:catestrophic&quot: health care coverage pretty cheap. It has high deductibles that would keep them from constantly going to the emergency room for minor crap, but will protect them if they have a life threatening situation that requires major surgery or a medical emergency.

In the end, there is no true solution. There doesn’t have to be. We need to stop thinking that EVERYONE is entitled to health care and EVERYONE should be taken care of. In life, there are winners and there are losers. That is a sad fact. If someone doesn’t want to spend money on health care, then that is their right. If someone is a loser, dropped out of hs, got knocked up 4 times before they were 20, and are 38 years old and working at burger king, then they are a loser. health care isn’t going to do much to help them in life. It isn’t MY responsibility to take care of them. I have my own family to worry about. That isn’t being cruel. That’s being realistic.

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