Poll: Which qualities or characteristics make a good friend?

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A good sense of humour and fun and a happy-go-lucky attitude, there’s no need for them to be on the same ‘wavelength’. I tend to deal with my own problems myself, so it doesn’t bother me if they’re not great listeners. I just get on with people whose company I enjoy, so I don’t have a particular ‘type’. Oh, honesty is important too.

Be there for each other when the going gets really bad so that you can enjoy the good times.

Be selfless with your patience and time.

Tolerant, good sense of humour and honest


Personally I like my friends to be &quot:slightly&quot: immature and be able to laugh at themselves

Honesty, love, and support.

loyalty, honesty and kindness

honesty and loyalty

Loyalty. ——————

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