Is it ok to leave your Nintendo DS on overnight while charging?

I am thinking about trying this game cheat, but i think it may ruin my DS. Please help! My DS costed a lot of money, and I don’t want to break it!

nothing will happen to it because I have left mine on for a couple of days and moving happened

The type of battery in the DS can be charged before the battery is low, and for longer than needed. The DS will not accept more of a charge than it needs. It does not heat up, so leaving it on will not affect it either.

Hope that helps!

I’m sure that the DS will just use power from the outlet instead of the battery. It should be ok: leaving it on overnight is basically the same as playing it all day long.

If every time you charge it, it works for just a little bit less time, so if you dont want to buy a new battery it might not be a good Idea. I have had mine for a long time and the battery life has gone down by like half.

dont worry. i leave my ds charging overnight too. so far there is no damage.. game cheat? it wont spoil your ds. i try it before…

personally i wont leave it on charge for like 7-8hours. i leave it for charge for like 3hours max.


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