hey there, anyone else a teen mom or dad?

I’m 17 and a half and I have a 4 month old son. My ex girlfriend’s family wanted nothing to do with me and the baby so I, the dad, am raising my son. So far all is good, he’s an amazing little guy and I love him more than anything, in fact I don’t think I knew what love meant or felt like till he came. I don’t think my ex-girlfriend (his mom) will ever be a part of us…. but my family has been so great and helpful it doesn’t affect me that much. I’ll always love her, but it’s okay she’s not a part of me. I’m a junior in hs and my mom watches my son during the day. I work part time at a mechanic place, but my parents financially help me. Not planning on college, plan on working to support my son and I.
Anyways that point is, not all ten pregnancy stories have bad endings, mine’s a happy one. Other teen moms and dads, hang in there.

Feel free to leave your story or comments

-Theo (17 year old father of 4 month old Tiomthy aka Timmy)

I was a teen mom too and I agree with you 100%. Just because things didn’t go as planned does not mean that we are failures, doomed to live on assistance for the rest of our lives. I got pregnant at 16, graduated with honors at 18, moved out with my son’s father and bought a house. We are currently married, have 2 more children, I stay home and take care of our kids and he works to support us all. We both went to college and are both working hard to raise our kids. Like I said, it’s not always a disaster. Congrats!

That’s amazing!

Thats awsome! Keep it up!

Why did you even think of having sexual intercourse at such an early age? I don’t blame the mother’s family for ignoring you. It sounds like you didn’t think too hard when you jumped into the sack. Do the baby a favor and put it up for adoption. I know it is hard, but you are a very selfish boy. All you could think of was five minutes of physical pleasure and you stand to ruin an innocent baby’s life.

I pitty your baby.

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