Why are Americans very so hated by everyone?

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A long time I had Orkut and I entered in Orkut and I found the anti-American communities owned by Arabs, Palestians, Europeans and Brazilians. I found a community I HATE USA – EU ODEIO OS EUA!, surprisedly, to see that this community has 8,000 members who hate the Americans. And I found another Brazilian community who defend the Americanism and boycot the anti-Americanism, they said that USA aren’t helped by wars and terrorism and USA give liberty to us. But I watched the subliminar messages and Christian videos denoncing that were Georoge W. Bush, Bildebergs and Iluminati who armed the terrorism against Princess Diana, New York, Madrid and London for blaming the USA for that. They denonced that the famous peopl, as George Bush, Beorge W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Obama Barack, and other, and the secret socities are soiling and staining the Americans’ image. Other accused Americans of being egoist, individualist, lazy and arrogant.

Why are Americans so hated? What do you think?

Detail: I’m not American.

People probably hate America because they think we are over capitalized and abusive. Yes, America may or may not be trying to steal Arab oil, but the reason why the average American citizen is not trying to fight this is because they are ignorant, not because they are greedy. I will admit, many people in America are greedy and many others are abusive and more than many are ignorant. But the thought that all Americans are evil is ignorant in itself, which only makes terrorists as bad than the worst of us.

I think the main reason people have a hatred towards America(ns) is that we (yes, I’m an American) are, for the most part, ignorant. We’re ignorant of other cultures and beliefs: we’re ignorant of others’ governments and ways of doing things: we’re ignorant of just the world in general. We’re pretty stuck up too. We think that we’re always right and everyone else is wrong. There’s a fine line between being patriotic and being stuck up. Those are my personal opinions. I know many people who aren’t Americans and a lot of them say that Americans are ignorant. I think that if we tried to understand everyone else instead of trying to make them like us then we wouldn’t be so hated. I mean, some things are just outright bad but other times we only see it as bad because we don’t understand why they do what they do.

there are lots of persons all over the area that hates human beings from foreign places international places for no sturdy reason. lack of wisdom and stupidity is what it comes all the way down to in each situation wherein that state of affairs is the case. If human beings have been smarter, they had all understand that we ought to continually all hate politicians and no-one else.

I think that Americans have everything that other countries want (I am American), but we tend to waste it.
My fellow Americans (and me on occasion) take for granted the freedoms and liberties that we have.
I think the less fortunate countries can see our indifference because they don’t have what we have.
I really believe that we should all pay more attention and respect to what has been given to us!

americans as individual are not hated.

its the american expansionist culture and the forced ignorance of the people by their government and media that people hate.

Mainly because they appear to most of the world as big-headed and full of themselves, as if no one else exists.
This is not MY opinion, it`s just how they are perceived. Mainly due to their films I think where they seem to think they rule the world.

there’s different races of Americans if you are referring to Caucasian-Americans then there’s 2 types of caucasian americans the educated good white or the trailer trash whites these types are opposite the good whites are almost like angel and the trailer trash whites behave like animals.

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