Haunted House ideas for Halloween?

Every year, my school puts on a haunted house in the gym for all the kids in my school on Halloween. I need some ideas for what kind of haunted house it should be. I’ll give you a few examples from the past years:

Haunted Movie Theatre, Haunted Insane Asylum, Haunted Hospital, The regular Haunted House, etc.

This year, we need something original. We’re running out of ideas, all the good ones have been taken so far.

Can someone give me some ideas and what we can put in the haunted house to make it scary?

Haunted Library
Haunted Jail Cell
Haunted Basement
Haunted School
Haunted Woods (forest)
Haunted Cafeteria
Haunted Hallway
Haunted General Store

haha idk hope i helped tho

buy some &quot:dry ice&quot: online to get that smoky creepy look that flows or rent a smoke machine put dry ice in one of those black witch bowls that would be cool and decorate your door/gate with fake cob webs and put little and big plastic spiders in the webs buy the glow in the dark webs u will need a black light for the webs to glow and decorate your walk way with creepy stuff and hide a radio somewhere that is playing scary movie music think michael myers or screaming in the distance and get one of those flashing lights that go on and off

How about haunted Cemetery you can make tombs and you can put skeletons in it, you can also put a fog machine in their.
or haunted Mansion

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