Why does Obama think raises taxes on oil companies will decrease the price of gas?

Assuming that he is smart (and I do make that assumption) this is a &quot:feel good&quot: measure. This tax has been tried in the past and did not reduce the price of gas and no economist has ever suggested that it would. This is about punishing the oil companies and making the electorate feel as though no one is making an obscene profit from their pain. It is political, only since the profit made by the oil companies does not seem obscene in comparison to their expenses.

Obama knows this will INCREASE the price of gas. This is exactly what he wants, he’s an anti capitalist and seeks to do everything possible to bring down free enterprise and usher in a state controlled economy. Need proof? Check is voting record, which is left of even Ted Kennedy, and that’s saying something.

Obama doesn’t give a rats *ss that you can’t afford to fill your tank, he’s hoping it will break your spirit and force you on some sort of federal or state assistance. Then he (and his party) wins.

This is how Democrats have consistently built their base, from welfare, to so called &quot:entitlements&quot: give away free stuff, and the greed of the masses = votes for them.

first of all, value would not verify call for. you may understand the call for is purely the dating between value and quantity demanded and that value determines the quantity demanded and not call for. we don’t produce the gas that we are eating. So if we would advance the gas tax, we would advance the value the we pay for gas. it somewhat is not a good option. Taxes for roads and the such are already paid. Obama is off right here.

Let me explain this to you in simple terms.

Lets say gas will hit $5.00 one day.

With higher taxes the amount made from the gas company is less and the amount collected by the government is increased. Thusly increasing govt revenues and lowering the reliance on income tax.

If Govt removed all taxes from gas tomorrow, the price would slowly increase to what we’re paying today within 6 months. Not to mention, lower government revenues equal stronger reliance on income taxation OR smaller oversight for industry.(government is oversight for industry)

This is why one of the founding principles of the &quot:reganomics&quot: was lowering corporate tax structure. Of course companies can prosper and make money when regulations are lax, but only the best and brightest can do so on a equal, regulated playing field. In order to ensure the playing field is as equal as legally possible, you need to fund regulatory measures.

You guys should really read a book.

Oh, and since you’ve thumbed me down already….would you care to point out where I am mistaken here…..

Instead of taking Intro to Oratory Skills, Intro to Macroeconomics, and Intro to Microeconomics, Obama took Intro to Oratory Skills, Intermediate Oratory Skills, and Advanced Oratory Skills.

That’s just it, he doesn’t think, he just says the opposite if what McCain or Bush says hoping it goes over with his supporters.
he is after their vote not to lower their gas prices

Take from the rich and give to the low class the no class
and the dreggs of society

He is just pandering to his base – folks who despise success. &quot:Punish those who succeed by taxation&quot: is one of the basic tenets of Obama’s political philosophy. What a great guy! HA!

He would raise there taxes on the condition that they don’t lower prices.

Lack of basic eco101

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