Tell me about your scariest ghost experience?

One was actually not one night, but dozens of nights in a row.
My house is nine years old, brand new when we got it. Nothing but field where it was built. No one has died in it, and no one in my family has died yet.
So anyway. My house has always been strangely ‘active’. Maybe it was the ground it was built on.
Well anywho. Every night when I’d fall asleep, I’d wake up in the early morning hours and the door would literally (and I’m not joking!) open by itself and I could hear muffled footsteps coming towards my bed. I looked and it was obvious no one was there. No animals, no humans. I snuggled under the covers because I was so frightened. I just shut my eyes closed and kept them closed tight. I then felt someone-or something-hovering over me, and heard heavy breathing. I was so terrified. This occurred for weeks with no end. It was making me fall asleep terrified every night. Finally, I decided I was going to tell whatever it was to leave me alone. I said You’re scaring me, it worked if that’s what your motive was, and I know you’re here now, so you can leave me alone.
That happened five years ago and it hasn’t happened ever again.

Before i answer you i will say that you will get a lot of ,shall we say Septics pooh poohing your story ,these are people who have never had anything happen and resent the fact that certain people do ,and usually it is a bit of jealousy creeping in,so if you know this is true and it really happened stick by it ,dont let antone tell you it did not happen .
My first experience was many many years ago in a house i had only visited once before, it was in between Chistmas and New Year and as you can imagine we were quite merry ,when someone got out the oujiuh board {sorry about the spelling} and we started mucking about ,this went on for about 2 hours and we asked the usual questions and low and behold the glass moved and answered ,i was o/k with it as long as i thought someone was pushing the glass.We had a break got something to eat and drink and this was in a different room then we were all making our way into the other room ,no one was anywhere near the table containing the board ,when i said come on lets ask it some more questions and all of a sudden the glass started to shake and rattle on the board and it moved and spelled out why don’t you ask me you know how.,then the glass flew of the board and came straight towards me .That was that i was out of there and have never been back to the house.Twenty years later i was talking to my aunt and she was on about an experience she had just had where her husband ,-Dead for 15 years had visited her and told her to get everything sorted as he would be coming for her very soon,-despite the fact that she was not ill or ailing ,- i mentioned my story and she then told me that my great grand mother had what is known as the gift of second sight and she could converse with the spirit world _to cut a long story short my aunt went to the shops a week later and the people in the shop said she was fine until all of a sudden she turned round and walked to a door leading to a stock room and she said hello Jack is it time and then she just collapsed in a heap with what the people described as a serene look on her face ,the coroner was totally stunned as he could not find a cause of death and to this day the death certificate is listed as unknown death .
I have never had the guts to investigate further or explore if a gift as they call it is present in any of my family i would rather not know ,the only thing that happens to me is i can tell you for certain that if i go into a place i can say if someone has died in there and i can tell you the gender and if they are young or old.

I say nothing has happened really but there was one strange day when we were in Morecambe for a day out and my partner wanted to see how the renovations to the Winter Gardens were going so we talked to the lady outside on the desk made a donation and stepped inside the main doors WELL i say stepped my partner did i did not as i crossed the main plate on the floor something pushed me backwards i looked around but could not see anyone about both my partner and the lady asked what was wrong was i alright i said someone must have bumped me ,so i tried again and once again i was pushed back and i heard a voice inside my head say get out your kind are not welcome here ,Well that was it i did not try again and for all my rational thoughts i cannot explain it BUT i can tell you i have never been back to the Winter Gardens and i never will.

You might have been dreaming already.

My scariest story is this
I live in Chawton near the village is an old mansion house, it was converted to a hospital to help clear the measles epidemic many years ago.
needless to say lots of people have died there.
any way they built a new estate near by. My friend Cathleen, Ben and me used to go up there a lot .
One Day we went u there, they had put to board across the door, they were about 8 inches apart. within then there was just darkness.
The holes were not paralell so i had to stick my arm right in, not sure why i did it.
I reached through when suddenly ( and unexpectedly) My entire left arm went cold. A Scream from the first floor echoed through my mind, it was painful it was horrible.
Thats the thing there was no sound it was in the mind, like a siren.
Me, Cathleen and Ben all ran Back to her house faster than ever before and without saying a word

when we reached the safety of her drive we all gasped and laughed, we all reported hearing the same thing.
This more than anything else was the scariest thing that has happened to me.

I would love it if i had it on a recording

Well I wasn’t even much of a believer but still I am positive that ghosts might exist. Anyway it happened like a month ago and I had just turned home from school. As usual I got into the shower and I often put some music when showering. And so after a bit, the song &quot:God&quot: by John Lennon started and I was listening to it. Considering that I’m a huge Beatles and John’s fan I was thinking of him calmly taking my shower…when suddenly the door of my bathroom knocked twice. I heard it and I got really scared. I knew I was alone but I thought that one of my parents might’ve walked in and knocked on the door. So I immediately stopped the shower, put on the bathrobe, turned the music off and got out of the bathroom terrified as I couldn’t give a rational explanation to whole this. But no, there was really nobody there, I was completely alone. Now explain that to me! lol

Another one that I remember from my early childhood (like 3-4 years old) is a vision of an old lady in the mirror of the room my parents and I would sleep. That view is still stuck in my memory. And I can feel that it wasn’t a dream!

My house is very old. 120 years to be exact. Three people died in the house as well, so as you can imagine, there is some activity going on. And not to mention that there is a giant grave yard just next to our house. So, one night I fell asleep in my living-room on the couch. From the angle I was sleeping at you could see the sofa-chair in my dining room. It was 3:00 at night, and I usually wake up at that time every night to use the restroom, to get a drink, etc. But, this time when I woke up, I glanced over at that chair. In that chair sat a dark presence. It was breathing or talking or something, but I couldn’t tell because I went def for that few seconds. It was so strange as if I had pressed the mute button. Then, I noticed it’s eyes. Dark and deep. Staring right at me. I got up to get a closer look, but it vanished. Then, sitting back down, it flashed back. I again got up to get a closer look but this time, I started running at it. It disappeared and didn’t come back. I went back to the couch and had a stare down with the chair for the rest of the night.

Hey i had a similar experience to you about 2 years ago. I was lying in bed trying to sleep, when i heard a noise in my room. I was terrified my heart was pounding! I could hear something pacing around my bed, the floorboards creaking as if someone was walking on them. I peeped up over the covers and i could see my curtains twitching like somebody was touching them.It felt like somebody was leaning over the bed to me. I was crapping myself, so in the end i said &quot:leave me alone&quot: out loud, which didn’t work, i said &quot:leave me alone now you`re scaring me!&quot: in the hope that it would work and it did! Immediately the room felt warmer and happier
But its never returned…touch wood!

Gosh, that is not nice. I was sleeping in my mums mansion on the top floor in the countryside. I was woken up at 3am just very suddenly. And I instantly got my attention on someone about 2 metres away from me, standing there looking intensely at me.
I didn’t see anyone, but it was an energy of a very aggressive nature. I had goosebumps all over my body and I didn’t dare to breath. Then I managed to turn the light on, but it was still there. And it was coming closer. I then shouted at it to go away and I flayed my arms.
I have not dared to sleep in that room again, but this year I told myself I had just been silly. And I did sleep well. But had I not told it to go away, I don’t know what would have happened. All my other relatives, including kids, have felt and heard similar things, even though they don’t believe in ghosts.
One day, in the stable, whilst the kids were playing with the kittens, they heard someone walking in the attic. They were scared as they knew the stable and the attic is disused. They ran out, us adults ran in, and we could hear the foot steps. And we then looked upstairs, – no one there. Who would it be ?
My mums mansion is built on an old Viking grave yard…And I’m not joking. But tell them to go away is the best, unless they want to help you of course.

mines was when my grandmother came back to see me. this happened a month ago. she passed away in 2006 when i was 10 i am now 14. i have had been in a bunch of trouble lately and she didn’t like it very much when i did. well i was asleep one night and all of a sudden i felt a pat on my leg and i woke up and it was her. she was dressed in the same thing we buried her in and had such long beautiful hair (when she died her hair was just growing back from Keomo she died of breast cancer). i asked her what was she doing here? she replied back to see you. she had the most depressing look on her face as though she wanted to burst out crying. i asked what was wrong she just shacked her head nothing. after i fell back asleep and she was gone. i told my mom about and she told me that it wasn’t a dream that she believed it was real. i don’t think i t was a dream neither. i believe she still comes back and checks on us somethimes. it was very depressing after that happend.

i am never scared of ghost..sometimes i stay up late at night on my laptop and i could hear the knob
click and the door slowly opens..just behind me..when i sleep on the room where my grandma died
you could feel an extra weight all of a sudden sitting beside you..i just view it as a visit from them
knowing that my sis and grandma were all gone

My experiences have never been scary….It’s more like sharing a house with something or someone…

I grew up in a haunted house. Always on edge on what was going to happen next. Dealt with doors slamming shut, opening up, the sound of dog foot steps on the stairs, the sound of someone walking around upstairs when no one was there, strange smells in the master bedroom, the feeling of always being watch and occasionally hearing someone talk.

One time I was sitting in the bath tub washing my hair with a hand held showerhead thingy. I was washing the soap out with my head down and eyes closed when something landed on my head and covered part of my back. I reached my hand up and put it on top of my head to find the a towel. I slowly pulled it off and looked around the small bathroom. I was the only one home and both doors to the bathroom were closed. The towel flew atleast 3 feet from where I had placed it onto my head.. unfolded. It was folded when I placed it ontop of the clothes hamper. I felt vulnerable considering I was in a small room naked. I felt very weird. Years later my mom moved out of that house and my husband and I took over. I had the bathroom redone to make it larger and put an actual shower in it. I was in the shower.. once again home alone. It was nice summer night. I decided to take a shower to wash of the sweat from the day. I was washing my hair once again when the freaking light turned off in the bathroom. I heard the switch click. I was freaking out inside but tried to keep calm considering I thought some sneaked into the bathroom and was either trying to play a trick on me or was there to do harm. I had clear wavy looking shower doors. You could kinda see through them but kinda not. I didn’t see any shadow of a person standing there but I could see the kitchen light coming from under the door. I was so freaked out. Heart was beating. Then click.. the bathroom light came back on. I nearly had a heart attack. Opened the shower door quickly to find nothing!!

But the scariest thing ever was before my mom moved out. My bedroom was upstairs. I was 18 years old. My bf (now my husband) was spending the night and we were giggling and he knew the house was haunted so he was freaking me out so I would snuggle close. We passed out and it was about 5 or 6 am in the morning when I woke. In that house I never ever just opened my eyes. I always kept them closed when I was waking up afraid that I might see something. That house scared me so much. So while I was waking I had my eyes closed then I squinted them open. I was on my side facing the tv, a dresser, and a wall. I thought I seen something but just shrugged it off thinking it was just some reflection in the tv. The room was kinda dark. The sun was just starting to come up so a little light was shinning through the curtains. I rolled on my back about to go back to sleep when I got this feeling. Feeling that I was being stared at. I opened my eyes wide to the end of the bed by my feet. Standing right freaking there was a guy! He had light blue jeans on, kinda baggy. A blue t-shirt and a baseball cap on. I could make out every detail besides his face! I couldn’t see his eyes or nose or mouth. It was all black like a shadow. the only thing that was odd besides his face was there was this maybe half inch red glow around his entire body. My heart started pounding but I stayed still staring at him. So many thoughts were going through my head. Who broke into my house? Who is this person? Is that my boyfriend? Why is he standing at the end of the bed staring at me? Is he going to kill me? Is that guy here to rape me? I had to find out if it was my bf or not so I slide my hand so slowly across the queen size bed till I hit his bare back. My heart about pounded out of my chest at that point. I didn’t blink and I didn’t move. Scared stiff wondering who he was and what he wanted! Then it just disappeared. I screamed bloody freaking murder! My bf slept like a log and could sleep through anything but he jumped out of his skin and grabbed me. My mom flipped on the light at the end of the stairs and came running up. That was so scary. That ghost.. or whatever it was stood there for atleast 3-5 mins. It felt like eternity though. I never want to see that again.

I moved out of that house a year ago because my daughter who was 5 started sleeping upstairs in her own big girl bed and she started saying she was hearing things and seeing things and she was so scared. I never told her about the ghosts and how the house was haunted. I didn’t want her to be scared but she started to hear and see them on her own and I didn’t want her to have the same fear like I had as a child. My mom moved back into that house and when I go over to visit at night, I’ll still hear the footsteps upstairs and hear sounds of like something crashing down. No one, no animals are up there. Very creepy.

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