What are your 5 top favorite baby boy names?

Ok, this might sound a little weird, but here i go. I’m 13, and i am taking a health class in my middle school. Our assignment was to take care of a re-enhanced doll that cries like a real baby when it needs something. Part of the assignment was to figure out a name for it so it can recognize its own name. So, please pick your top 5 baby boy names, because i have no clue what to name him…


Just pick something. Its not very important since it is fake, but I like that you are taking the assignment so seriously. Most girls your age would not. Here is a list of 5 I came up with:


Ruston James
Patrick Joseph
Lynden Thomas
Parker James

1) Alexander Michael
2) Nathaniel James
3) Jason Edward
4) Wesley Jozef
5) Robert William

1. Wesley
2. Charles
3. Leo
4. Liam
5. Tristan

1. Christopher
2. Tristan
3. Nicholas
4. Elijah
5. Seth

Jacan (Jay-kin) Ryder
Parker Nolan
Myles Tristen
Clayton Shay
Hayden Levi

here you pass– a million)Aiden: Iove this call by using fact besides the reality that that’s time-honored, that’s a candy, efficient, innocuous call. a tremendous middle call to pass with it would be Joesph, John, or Johnathon. cute call! ****2)Andrew: Andrew is merely a tremendous call. that’s merely a tremendous call. I truly do no longer understand what else to assert! James is a gorgeous middle call to pass with it. And the income of Andrew is you may call your son Andy. merely think of introducing your baby and asserting &quot:that’s my son Andrew&quot: (or maybe Andy)! I merely think of Andrew James all suits at the same time. **3)Lucas: i admire the call Lucas. whilst i think of lucas the 1st project that comes into my ideas is an cute, solid, and that i additionally see a soccer participant (do no longer ask). you would be able to desire to even call him Luke! Lucas is going nicely with Marshal. Lucas Marshal. HOW lovable! 4)Justin is a advantageous call. the priority i admire approximately Justin is that Justin is a acceptance that they’re going to delight in whilst they become older. that’s no longer a acceptance which will merely in high quality condition a baby. Benjamin is my well known middle call to pass with Justin. Justin Benjamin sounds exceptionally advantageous. 🙂 ****5)Landon: lovable. that’s merely a lovable call! i actually like it easily and that i’m particularly stunned that it is not bigger up in this record haha. Michael is optimal for this call! Landon Michael 🙂 i desire this helped you!



Benjamin, Andrew, Tyler, Caleb, &amp: Jackson

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