My computer is being really slow..?

I have charter internet, but my computer is still pretty slow. What are some things i can do to help that? THANKS

Actually there is insufficient data to form a reasonable singular hypothesis as to the problem with your computer.

Too much data, not enough processor speed, over clocking (over running the system) the power is too hot, the graphics card is too hot, running a program ill-suited for your machine, running a program that makes memory leaks which are bits of program that remains and uses processor speed when it should be removed after the program uses the function.

(sigh) Registry issues, malware (virus, worm, spyware, adware, etc), having too many processes and programs running in the background, having your program fragmented (ergo the defragmenting program that sorts all the bits and bytes into neat files on the disk)… on and on and on surely I haven’t hit everything.

If it is only one program causing the lag, there is a problem with the program or your computer can not handle the program. For instance if it’s a graphics game, it is possible your graphics card is way out of date, or not powerful enough to handle the program. If the graphics card is newish or powerful enough you may need to update your graphics drivers.

Web based games and several others use Flash and Shockwave Drivers and other similar addons – if yours is out of date, it too can cause a problem. Direct x also comes to mind.

If it’s a word or works document you may have a compatibility issue, or you have a registry issue. If you patched your operating system, there may be an incompatibility issue with the patch.

If it’s happening no matter what, then you might want to use a registry cleaner like ccleaner Link: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

If you suspect a worm or a program like MyWebSearch of taking up resources you will need Hijackthis Link: http://free.antivirus.com/hijackthis/

If you suspect that you have adware (creates pop-up and pop-under windows, reroutes searches to ad specific sites/alternative ‘web search engines’ that sell you stuff) or Spy ware (watches were you surf to send you ads specific to where you have been) or any other manner of ‘suspect programs’ that are not viruses, you may want to use Ad-Aware Link: http://www.lavasoft.com/products/ad_awar…

Personally I would run these three and an online virus scan such as Housecall Link: http://housecall.trendmicro.com/

Once I have run those then I would back up files that I want to save to an external source, be it a stick, a floppy, a dvd, an external harddrive. Deleting those items (documents, pictures and videos ONLY NEVER DELETE PROGRAMS) that I rarely use and that I have stored off the computer.

Then I would run through my programs list and use ‘Add/Remove’ to uninstall programs from my hard drive that I rare or never use.

Then I would run the Registry cleaner (CCleaner) again to clean up the registry bits left behind from uninstalling my programs. If I did not uninstall any programs you may skip this step.

Then I would run a clean disk Video Link: http://www.ehow.com/video_4871920_clean-hard-drive.html

Then I would defrag my hard drive: Web search links depending on your operating system (OS): http://www.ask.com/web?qsrc=2990&amp:o=0&amp:l=dir&amp:q=how+to+defrag+my+disk

Once that is finished I would reboot the system and give it a test run.

If that doesn’t fix your problem then you have something else going on, most likely a hardware issue.

Mind all of this is time consuming and should all be done WITHOUT using the computer for other stuff once you start the series of things on this list. This way you catch all manner of things.

IF the system is running with no problems make a restore point. Link to links to information on Restore points: http://www.ask.com/web?qsrc=2990&amp:o=0&amp:l=dir&amp:q=how+to+set+a+Restore+Point


Further, try uninstalling and reinstalling programs. Things like windows media, World of Warcraft and many others get patch after patch after patch but never actually remove the previous patches. If you have had a program for a few years that is patched regularly, uninstalling it (and all of its other bits, files etc) and reinstalling and patching it ‘fresh’ will mean a lot less ‘junk’ hanging around to slow things down. Rarely do often patches programs use all of the patches that were applied over the course of a year or so.

Do yourself a favor and read the answers in ANSWERS. I see that many people have your problem and many good replies have been posted. OK, now one more time, (pay attention everyone), Without any doubt, you need to do a DEFRAG right-quick!!! You seem to have a late model comp. so do it overnight, and remove your screen saver from starting, just to be sure cause it can take a few hours. Empty your recycle bin first (no point in defragging junk, is there?) Also, do some maintenance first, like registry cleanup (there are many good FREE programs out there, Spyware clean up, etc. When done, do a cold boot, not a warm boot. What’s the difference you say? Well, elementary dear Mr. Watson, a cold boot is booting up after a power off. A warm boot is a reboot, (without a power off). After at least 8 hours sleep, turn on the beast, watch the progression and keep that smile on your face the rest of the day 🙂

Delete temp stuff (cookies, history etc) that can be done from your browser. You should probably also delete all temp files that have accumulated on your PC. Restart the PC, go to start run and type the following then hit Enter
Within the folder that opens, select all files and folders and delete them.
do a google search for ATF-Cleaner and CacheCleaner, download and run them both, be sure to check mark all of the boxes and delete temp stuff. You can probably also run CCleaner to cleanup your PC. As a precaution also install &quot:Malwarebytes&quot: and &quot:spybot search and destroy&quot: and run then in addition to your antivirus (if you have one installed… if you don’t have antivirus, check if your ISP offers from antivirus software, install it and run it) Then ones your PC is cleaned up, try replicating the problem and see if it still keeps on happening.
Malwarebytes and Spybot .. do a simple google search and you will find a download link…

I would also recommend running Defrag on your hard drive, won’t hurt. Start with these…
Good luck.

The problem with slow computers is that most of the time. It’s all to do with a hidden part of your system .This part of your system is called the ‘registry’ and is a huge database which stores all the settings and options for your PC.The reason why the registry is responsible for making your computer run slow is because it is actually prone to getting corrupt and damaged. Because Windows is constantly using the database when you’re using your computer, it’s constantly got 100’s of registry files open. This unfortunately means that Windows gets confused, leading it to save the registry files wrong, making them incredibly difficult for your computer to read. Think of them as files which are all jumbled up, making your computer have to spend longer to read them. You just need to be able to clean out all the damaged files from the registry, allowing Windows to read all the files it needs, when it needs them.And to do this, you just need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner’.I should like to commend Registry Easy to you ! http://clean-up-registry-faster-pc.com

Sorry to hear about your problem. If you don’t want to buy a new system, there are quite a few tweaks you can do on your own:

Remove unneeded startup programs

Run a disk cleanup and defragger

Clean up the Windows registry

You can also download software that can do all three of these things automatically. I recommend tying it out and scanning your system for free at:


Wow, there are like so many things that you can do to improve speed in a computer. Depending on the situation, of course. Memory is one thing. Defrag it. Keep it defragged. I run norton systems &quot:windoctor&quot: always because it cleans and straightens out you computer almost 100% all of the time.

Free utilities A collection of free utilities for the adventurous beginner and the technically savvy. Free antispyware, free antivirus software, free registry cleaner, and more, to speed up PC

You need to take three steps to speed up your computer or laptop:

1. Add more RAM

2. Uninstall and delete all software’s that you do not use.

3. Select a good System cleaner and PC optimizer such as Reginout from Intel Software Directory http://ibx.intel.com/directory/Default.a…

I am sure these three steps will help you a lot.


6.You can also schedule the Disk Defragmenter to run automatically, and your computer might be set up this way by default. Under Schedule, it reads Scheduled defragmentation is turned on, then displays the time of day and frequency of defragmentation. If you want to turn off automatic defragmentation or change the time or frequency, click the Configure schedule (or Turn on Schedule, if it is not currently configured to run automatically). Then change the settings, then click OK.

Delete all the porn haha, just kidding.
Get a spyware sweeper or anti virus.
try Kaspersky, download their trial, its the full version and you can use it for 30 days.

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