BB, Anybody Apart From Me Wanting Siavash To Win??????

He Was Superb Last Night…………

He called Sree a Perv…………….

He sent Sree looking for Noreen, which was HILARIOUS………….

He danced about like Rumpelstilstskin during the task…………….

And I like all his weird and wonderful attire………………

And there’s nobody else in the running………………

What Says YOU?

he should definitely be in the fiinal week. it was so funny in the first week with how he was so vex about not having food. as soon as he became a housemate he has been the most entertaining since. he effortlessly remains cool and is funny. he is weird which makes him more worthy of being in the final week. he is the only one so far who has been in that bb zone if you know what i mean. however, i need to see more for the next few week,but defo…a potential winner.

I want Siavash to win. He reminds me of Rex from last year. He makes me laugh at how he doesn’t give a **** about whether people love him in the house. Point blank, he’s real and not acting for the cameras. No one else would call Sree a perv (even though he is one) because they’d be scared that people would say they were bullies.

i do no longer innovations if the two win to be basic H yet i might desire Marcus as he has been soooo relaxing. Siavash has have been given very uninteresting those previous few weeks yet a minimum of Marcus has persevered to maintain energetic and us entertained. particular Siavash has had his moments yet that replaced right into an prolonged time in the past and there has been no continuity like Marcus.

Siavash,dunno what to make of him.

I’ll have to give him more time.

I thought the prank against Sree was juvenile and unoriginal,but maybe Sree sorta asks for it…lol.

Would Siavash have done that to Marcus or Lisa, or does Siavash only play juvenile pranks on people who can’t fight back?

Agreed… I like him atm. Hes got a sense of humour about him but he doesn’t get all worked up about the little things like some of the others 🙂 Time will tell tho, theres plenty of opportunity left for him to be a kn*b… I agree tho, atm he doesnt really have any competition – lisa and charlie are too aggro/fake… most of the others a bit too dull/weird/annoying! lol 🙂

Absolutely agree!! Felt from the beginning that he’d be a good contender! He appears to take himself very seriously but i do think it’s all very tongue in cheek. I can’t decide if he’s a complete d*ck or an absolute dude!! lol – Siavash to win!!!

Im with you too, i think he’s great. Wonderful and Wacky

and he’s right Sree is a perv

I am not passionate about any of them this year H but Siavash and Freddy are the two I would like to be in the final. I know I know you hate Freddy!!!

He was great lastnyt,loved his comment to Sree,but,i do want Charlie to win,i love how camp he is,it’s so funny.
Especially when ur sitting watching BB with a scotsman….even funnier..lol.

I have him down in my first night impression as a bit of a poser. I was right but I think I do like him.
True, there is nobody else who is worthy so far.

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