Ladies, the way my sister dresses is causing an awkward situation?

I am a 22 year old male and my 19 year old sister lives in my apartment with me. She goes to the same college as me and is very good looking. She has always played volleyball and soft ball and is in great shape. I mention is because this what make this situation so jacked up. The problem is around the house she dresses so skimpy. As soon as she comes home she puts on tiny little spanx or short shorts that the bottom of her butt hangs out. When I complain she just laughs and says she likes to dress like that. She has even started to wear booty short panties around the house in the morning. Yhey are so tight you can even make out her camel toe. She has caught me looking and instead of being made she just laughed and asked if I was enjoying the view. I do not know what to do, should I just let her continue to dress like that or should I move out? Ladies would you everr or have you ever dressed like that in front of your brother? And lastly, if you noticed your brother checking out your butt would you be pissed?

Well considering I caught my older bro video taping me in the shower a few months ago and I now dont speak to him anymore … yes I would be pissed if my bro checked out my butt lol.

Although my older bro is just a pervert plain and simple and needs therapeutic help…

I think you should either tell her straight and if she doesnt dress right then move out .. theres not much you can do about it.

Ther r 2 many possibilities. It might be wrong in som ppls views cuz who wants 2 c ther sisters naughty stuff eww. Or she’s just comfortable walkin around like that in the house. And im not trying to b a perv ugh anything but that but has she ever dressed like that when you guys lived at home wit your parents. Maby she’s got a brother complex

Dress like that in front of my brother? No. He’d kill me. He’s very protective. I wouldn’t really be mad, I’d just mutter perv where he could hear. I wouldn’t move out over it, but seriously telling her how weird it makes you feel might help, but you never know. Think about it though, she’s your little sister. Wouldn’t you rather her dress like that at home than anywhere else. Good luck!

Tell her its inappropriate, making you uncomfortable and she should show more respect for you and herself. And if she doesnt change the way she dresses, either you or her will leave.

She should be more considerate of others no matter who she is living with.

Yes i would be mad but my brother would never check me out thats just weird/nasty i also would never walk around like that infront of him thats disrespectful…u should let her know its disrespectful and to stop doing it.

Omg ty brotha craig you literally made me lol I agree with you.

You should start wearing banana hammocks and walking around in your underwear

You should tell her to not dress that way around you, or else she should find another place to live.

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