Is it Safe to leave 2 pit-bulls who grow up with each other at home by themselves?

Hey, I have been taking care of my sisters pit-bull for about 3 years now while she is at work but now my sister is moving and taking her pit with her :(…….I really fallen in love with the breed and i want to get 2 male pit bull pups….my question is as they get older will it be safe for me to leave them together in the house by themselves? I have looked this up online and getting mixed reviews but from my personal experience i think it would be fine….

What Nosaj said! NO NO NO

You should never leave 2 APBT alone unattended they will need to created when you are gone. Also you should get a male and a female (of course get them spayed/neutered young). Having the opposite sex can help prevent a lot of dominant issues.

NO spaying and neutering does not change there personalty it just stops the males from competing for females.
Raging hormones + lots of energy + big strong dogs = disaster. An-neutered dog will do any thing to get to a female in heat including running through major traffic, digging 3 feed under a fence, jumping 8 foot fences ect. Its the safest/smartest thing to do – SPAY AND NEUTER! There is already a huge over population of pets and there no reason to take a chance of adding to it and spaying/neutering can help against lots of health problems.

Do a lot more research on the breed &amp: training before you make your final decision and make sure you either rescue (there are thousands of pit mixes dieing in shelters) or go to a reputable breeder.

Great site about the breed/training/socializing+: http://www.ourpack.org/dogsavail.html

Good breeder vs byb: http://home.comcast.net/~NoPuppyMillsVA/…

To find an adoptable American Pit Bull Terrier(s) near you go to www.petfinder.com. There are pups in shelters and most shelters would be more then happy to help you find to compatible pups.

Also go to your local library and pick up a few books on dog training to find some good tips.

You can also email me if you have any more questions?

It would be best for crate training because when they get older they will start to mark territory and one may fell threatened by the other and in a snap they could be fighting..If I was you I would get a male and a female they would do just fine alone at home together I leave my male and female pitbull home alone all when I go somewhere

Well I don’t really know about the female but the male will not be wanting to hump as much or mark territory as much if neutered but I don’t think it will change the personality


Please read:
DON’T Leave your Dogs Unsupervised

Always Expect a Bulldog To Fight

Multi dog home:

Being a responsible APBT owner

ETA:One of the worst reasons to get a dog is for a companion for another dog.Especially this breed.Quite often dogs of the breed are dog aggressive despite gender.

Spaying/neutering can help to reduce some behaviors and hormonal issues but will not guarantee the compatibility of your dogs.

Do a lot more research,then possibly start with one dog.In two years think about another dog if all the variables are favorable.

Raising two pups together is tough regardless of breed:

No, it is NOT safe and that goes with ANY breed of dog.

Please, don’t become the stereotypical owner and making the Pit Bull the media portrayed Pit Bull.

You can crate them. That way there will be no chance of an issue arising with out your knowledge.

honestly it depends on the dog, i would highly suggest crate training .. it work miracles trust me!
then again my pitbull ate thru her cage before lol.. so heavey duty cages are the way to go good luck!

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