me and my boyfriend cant stop fighting?

We were doing so good but then i got another guy friend. He is just a friend but my boyfriend feels threatened. Weve been fighting non stop. I tell him its nothing we have 3 classes together its hard not to see him. I dont want to say a guilty dog barks first but could that be true. he wont talk to me. He just gets mad. Do i end it or shake it off?

End it. Jealousy is never attractive and will never go away. Tell him calmly that you hate fighting about this all the time, and how would he feel if you acted this way over a female friend of his? Ask him why he doesn’t trust you.

If he can’t stop getting upset/angry over the situation then there’s nowhere you can really go from there.

i think u should totally end it. jealousy is a controlling behavior amongst many behaviors that could be signs of an abusive man. a healthy guy would trust u until he had a reason not to.

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