Do you Mind …..???? (spiritually speaking)?

If I believe that No one is a sinner…and we all are sparks of the Divine ?

yes we are all much more than our misunderstandings…

Much love and hugs to you, my ancient friend and fellow traveller..


—–yes….from this perspective you are always in sight..

Again Sin is a term used for actions below the standards set by society or the religions or the constitution. This is totally a relative term.

What keeps us going forward is the pull towards knowledge of TRUTH. Actually we are designed for that only. You will find this in one lifetime itself. The &quot:body needs&quot: which dominates the mind most of the time gives away to the sobriety and acceptance of truth as it grows old. The intellect takes over the mind majorly.

This clearly proves that there is something within us, some definite pull force or binding force or the spark which opens up our mind to that knowledge of the supreme or divine.

Think on the fact that it is not a coincidence that all great saints found the same thing – but said in many ways. Think on the fact that it is not a coincidence that all people are pulled towards towards the same point by forces of different measures.

The totality or a holistic observation is so convincing that all of us carry the same spark of the Divine and are moving together towards the same destiny. Some are ahead on the road, some are moving fast and others are behind or moving slow. The destiny is same.

I would mind if you said I was a sinner. I would be mad if you said that I am not divine, or a beggar is not divine.

p.s:: Its nice to see Pangel, the celebrity of Yahoo Answers here 🙂

The present generation has erased all the items in the List of Sins.
So we all have to believe ..no one is a sinner.
But I say we all are sinners, with or without knowledge daily we sin.

A person is known by his action.
This action can be changed by counseling.

Hate the Sin, not the sinner.
The person is never a sinner, if we are lovely by our perspective and how we perceive.
‘The colour of the Specs decide how we see’

That should be GODly colour.

Believe what you like. Personally, I would slightly alter your sentiment:

I believe that no one is a sinner…and the Divine is a spark of us.

I agree. Despite all our human inperfections &amp: flaws, all the layers of ego &amp: drama, we are all sparks of the divine, and all one and the same.

Love to you &amp: sunman, its been so long!

{{{{{{ much love }}}}}}


No. Never mind the Mind is a sure way to mind the God.

If you believe that all people is good then you need to know people better cause that’s not the case.

Yeah me too. We all part of the gods and goddesses. And we all part of nature too.

No. Why should I mind?

Believe what you want to, it’s your life and your thoughts.

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