how do players like kobe, lebron, and wade compare to the players of old?

players like wilt chamberlain, larry bird, magic johnson, tim duncan, shaq… they all have had their eras, but today’s players are also unique… do you think kobe, lebron, and wade can surpass players like bill russell, kareem abdul-jabbar, and even michael jordan…?

Never because the officiating, level of talent, and the effect of salary is different. Now players are less likely to be motivated to play the game because of the love of the game and instead going for the seven-figures. Back then, superstars were abundant and in the current NBA there are plenty of talented players but essentially only have several real superstars (as mentioned, Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade etc) The rules of the game have changed also and back then, the occurance of fouls were not as frequent as today’s &quot:soft game&quot:.

Now in terms of comparing, I think Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have a legit shot at cementing their names as one of the greatest of all-time. However, nobody will be compared to MJ no matter what with one thing that I know for sure and that I don’t need to say anything other than…MJ brought people to watch NBA games because of HIM and not because of the sport or the Bulls or anything else. LeBron does not do that nor does Kobe.

Also, look at the original &quot:Dream Team&quot: and compare that to the most recent Gold-winning USA team. If you know basketball, then you know hands-down that the original &quot:Dream Team&quot: would murder the most recent USA team.

Hmm I’m not sure about Clutchness there Mr. President, but that’s okay. No I don’t think Wade is the better overall player at all. Not today. At the end of his career , I don’t know because that’s not up to me. But let me give my opinion 😀 Defense: Wade. Miami takes defense more seriously than the Lakers. You can see it by the &quot:great&quot: job Dwight Howard is doing there defensively. Not making an excuse, just a fact. Clutchness: Wade is not the go-to guy at when clutch time comes. A lot of fans ( like me ) which he was still that guy but he’s not. LeBron James took that place over the years. Kobe is and will be the guy that steps up to the last shot or even in the last 4th quarter. And you said they have as much game winners. I don’t know so I won’t disagree, but Kobe lives to play in the 4th quarter and he led the Lakers to the one of the best comebacks in their own history. Scoring: Kobe. I don’t believe that’s even up to discussion. Wade is very inconsistent in terms of scoring, which we all could see this finals. Kobe also takes more shots than Wade Rebounding: Kobe in the regular season averages more rebounds per game. Steals: Wade. ( Again , defense ) Assists: Probably Wade comes out ahead of Kobe there, although it’s slightly. Probably a difference of 2 assists. ( Kobe and Wade are very close in terms of Assists and Rebounding) 3 points: Kobe. Free Throws: Kobe. Field Goal: Wade 1 on 1 : Kobe. Championships: Shaq had a huge impact on Kobe’s first three championship. It was a Shaq in his prime. Dwyane Wade had an &quot:old&quot: Shaq and managed to get the Finals MVP of that year. Kobe won two more , 09′ and 10′, while Dwyane also won two more but wasn’t the best player of the team anymore or finals mvp. So I give more credit to Kobe winning those 2 championships than I give Dwyane for the last two. Kobe is also 4th in the all-time scoring list. And is in second place for most points in a game with 81 points in a game. At the end of their careers I think Kobe will be a few places a bit higher than Wade. Peace 🙂 !

Kobe (To me) is more like Jordan then Lebron…I Lebron has what it takes to be MJ but if you were to pick between the two who is the spitting image of Jordan as far as leadership and the ability to bring a team together at tip-off: Kobe Bryant is the Man

Wade: Wade’s a combination of KJ (Kevin Johnson) and Tim Hardaway.

Old players are slightly overrated .

Kobe , James and Wade are slightly underrated .

Jordan himself said that James can be the best of all times .

Tim Duncan and Shaq are still playing . I wouldn’t call them old .

E very single one of the people that are listed can score!

They are lighter on their feet.

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