Will Harry Reid allow the Senate to vote on the health care repeal, why wouldn’t he?

House GOP dares Senate to vote on a bill to repeal ‘Obamacare’

No he won’t as he knows those democrats who face reelection in 012 would vote for the bill to repeal 0bamacare

Reid may not allow a vote. There are several Democrat senators from red states that have to stand for re-election in 2012. Due to the unpopularity of Obama Care, some of these senators could be convinced to vote for repeal.

The Dumbs extraordinarily much have a great-majority interior the Senate. there is not any way that Obamacare would be repealed. besides the undeniable fact that, 12 Democrats voted against Obamacare interior the homestead. Stranger issues have occurred, yet there is not any worry interior the Senate. Regardless Obama has the final say and devoid of three/4ths vote he gets his way.

Why doesn’t Harry Reid allow the Senate to vote on making birthday cake the national dish? Because it won’t pass so it’s a waste of time. It’s fine if the GOP in the House wants to engage in political theater but I don’t think Harry Reid is going to humor them. Even if it passed the Senate Obama would veto it. What’s the point?

He is afraid it will pass. So we must target every Senate Democrat in 2012 rather than just those who refuse to vote for repeal. The repeal will be completed in 2013. First thing.

He should but I don’t think he will until forced to do so. I don’t think they have the votes to pass it that’s why Reid should allow the vote. If he doesn’t allow the vote, I would add it to one of the terms before raising the debt ceiling.

HA! Now you want the senate to vote on things? Karma’s a *****.

this is rich, after what the GOP has done the last 2 years in the Senate regarding obstructionism

No, why should we waste more time and money on it? Most americans now do NOT want repeal,

He won’t because it’s his wittle ball and he will take it and wun home and not let them mean ol wepubwicans pway wif it.

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