why? are Iranians &quot:less human&quot: than the British sailors?

I’m not gonna discuss whether Iran had the right to capture British sailors or not, since the border was disputed and as many believed it gave t space for both countries to claim that what they had done / said was right.What I wanna discuss is that why is it that 5 Iranian diplomats kidnapped by the U.S in Iraq (and one kidnapped in Turkey) are not considered as important as the British sailors?why is it that no one investigates to see if they’re tortured but when it comes to British sailors they claimed they might have been tortured while they were not?the British sailors say we faced a crew with guns pointing at us. Did they expect flowers or even a pat on the back?what would the U.S or other countries do if they captured foriegners in their teritorial waters?(this could be right or wrong since the border was disputed) I’m sure if this had happened in another country’s waters, the captives would be tortured, imprisoned and wouldn’t be released so easily.(take Iranian diplomats for example) while the worst thing Iran’s done to the captives was seperating the female sailor from the rest of the crew and then nothing.Iranians are kind people.why is it that the news talk about the sailors being blindfolded, but doesn’t talk as much about the gifts they were given or how they were really treated.They just say the past two weeks have been difficult, but they refuse to give any further information about how they were treated.(why? because it may give Iran publicity or credit?)yes, it’d be difficult for me if I were captured and were away from my family, but that doesn’t mean that I’m hurt, tortured or……How can people / the media be so injustice and prejudice when it comes to Iran?Any answers relating other topics such as nuclear program will be ignored.Focus on the question itself.

The answer to your question is given below by some blind racists. They are so ‘democratic’ that they insult other religions and people.
It’s simple: Americans control most of mass media. They give people what they believe is appropriate. All that nonsense about whether the British sailors were in Iranian territorial waters or not, or whether the Iranian diplomats were supplying the ‘enemy’ with weapons and information is completely one sided.
Using the same logic, we should ask: What are the British and US soldiers doing in Iraq? Who gave them the right to take down another country’s leader (dictator or not)? Who gave them the right to be the ‘champions of democracy’ and to spread (their version) of democracy to other countries? Who gave them the right to kill 600,000 civilians (women and children) in Iraq? Their military superiority or the Bible? I know there is no such thing in the Bible, but GWB claims it is his duty as a Christian to attack Iraq!!! And then, naive American citizens keep asking why so many countries hate the US.

If we assume that the Iranian diplomats are really diplomats and not Revolutionary Guard trying to supply weapons…..then the only difference I see is that the british were soldiers in contested waters and the iranians were in a contested country.

With our govt’s record on torture, you’d think that there would be stories about any torture or lack of torture.

In fact, two iranians have been released right around the time that the soldiers were.

There is no difference between an Iranian, an Israeli, or an American. We are all people. Some are good, some are bad. All Iranians are not our enemies and its foolish to think of an entire country is your enemy when its really just our govt against their govt.

Iran has continually needed to be the focal element. If he had a guess to break Israel, he could, that’s why we gained’t enable him acquire nuclear weapons. i can not say all Iranians are undesirable, yet they presently have a foul president very like the united states of a does immediately. Iran is merely soliciting for a conflict, in the event that they are no longer careful they are gonna get one i think of. They used those sailors for propaganda, they tortured and threatened them into making fake statements on television, and then supply them back as a &quot:present&quot: to Britain. fortuitously, lots of the international can see suited by way of their lies.

i think the sailors hve to talk BS just to escape punishment from their own govt, after all the confession made. It’s easier coz Iran cannot say much about it. The media and this govt war machines hve successfully labelled Iran as evil to justify another war. At this pre-war phase, they cannot say good things abt their common enemy. So predictable, typical and again full of BS!

I’m sure there are very nice Iranian people but the government is run by a quack.. Just like Iraq use to have how do you deal with a quack dictator? you hang him.. If your American I would call you a tree hugging Liberal.. Good Job British Sailors.. !!!

I agree with Anlarm…

And we can also ask a question to Tony Blair : &quot: What would have done UK if they saw 15 Iranian sailors on a military ship in english territorial seas ?…

Okay this is easy. The British sailors were not serving as operational officers…….. oh I mean diplomats, to terrorists killing Iranian troops who are serving in a UN mandated post war reconstruction effort in Iraq.

Come on!

The 5 Iranian diplomats are almost never mentioned. And all we have seen of them is their rifled up office. The official line is that these men were not diplomats, they were Revolutionary Guard who were supplying arms to the insurgents.

Here is an excellent article on the game of chicken that’s being played in the Gulf, and it shows how unnecessary all of this is!


I totally agree. The American view is very one-sided. Another example is calling Iraqis who are fighting Americans &quot:insurgents and terrorists&quot:…..what do we think Americans would do if there were Iraqi troops in our country? fight them tooth and nail by any means necessary, as they are fighting us.

However, this is not unique to Americans. Most cultures will spin events to their advantage and see themselves as more important, and see their own actions as justified. Since America is a huge capitalist oil hungry war machine with troops all over the world, it is more obvious when we are one sided.

That’s a pretty long rant based on idiotic premises. All people are equally human. However, the British were not in Iranian waters. The Iranians violated many terms of the Geneva convention. The Iranian &quot:diplomats&quot: were in a war zone providing aid to the enemy combatants. As far as we know, they have been treated within the confines of the Geneva convention. They have not be paraded on TV as propaganda and forced to say untruths. Your sympathy is misplaced.

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