Who says that Ron Paul can’t get anything done through Congress if he were President?

These five very excellent questions which Ron Paul answered very well its worth reading it.


5. You have many positions that do not resonate well with either Republicans or Democrats. Very simply: How would you get anything accomplished if both sides of the aisle are not willing to work with you?

A: In reality, that sets the stage for me because people are sick and tired of a system that doesn’t work. Republicans and Democrats are always fighting. I work very well with opposition. I put coalitions together. You take, for instance, auditing the Fed. I had Democrats and Republicans support that. And a lot of Democrats and progressives don’t like the foreign policy that we have, and they’re unhappy with Obama. Civil liberties is something that both conservatives and libertarians and Democrats are concerned about. So actually, it’s a plus to say that the establishment Republicans and Democrats don’t agree with a lot of the things I say.… I think the people are closer to my positions than they are to either party’s leadership.

— Interviewed by Mary Stegmeir

The question is, if you are going to do the same old thing as what has been being done all along, how do you expect to fix problems?

Our current leadership as well as the GOP challengers must think America is in A-OK shape and must think it has no impending disasters on the horizon because they want to do basically the same thing that got us here. If Ron Paul is so crazy then why did Einstein say, &quot:insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results&quot:?

So what are these big changes the mainstream GOP claim are going to save us from this?: http://www.usdebtclock.org/
Every taxpayer owes 132,000 dollars above and beyond what they owe in their own personal lives. Floating debt will not work any longer-other countries have wised up. If we try to devalue the dollar, China will devalue the Yuan.
No GOP mainstream candidate has a solution. Their goal is to fill spaces with words and get people to blabber out of radios. Ron’s solution is to keep expenditures below income enough to reverse the direction of debt. This solution seems drastic because it is like starting a journey of a thousand miles by taking a single step while the GOP challengers are telling the people that if elected, they will invent a transporter machine and do it magically.

Nope, he has made a fabulous variety of non-public and political enemies throughout the time of his years in Washington that the two Republicans and Democrats could use all the techniques the Republicans have used for the final 3 years to evade something he needs from even coming to the floor of the two the homestead or the Senate. And on the &quot:Bringing all the troops homestead&quot: situation, I ought to ask, how can he do this if Congress refuses to pay for it.

No one I know says that. It really makes me wonder if it’s Ron Paul’s critics who are the crazy ones. They sure are fond of throwing that word around, especially when they can’t explain why they don’t agree with Paul’s ideas. He may not be right about everything, but he’s a darn sight better than any of the others out there right now.

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul is the only Candidate who is Consistent in his views! You gotta give the Man a chance just look at the **** up Barry/Obama has got you all in?
He raelly has brought you Change eh! One War monger for another and a bit of Gun running and Drug Dealing just to keep things on a high eh!

I do, his congressional district borders the one I live in.

When he ran in 1976 he said his goal was to get term limits for congress.

Still waiting.

Thankfully, Paul will never be president.

The sane people.

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